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Here’s your chance to take a look at some of the pieces that have come out over the last few years. All of the books listed here are confirmed available for purchase. Follow the links to secure your copy.



The Laughing Willows Stories

by Christina Ann Alexander

Turkey Tracks Press

ISBN: 0 – 949693 – 41 – 3 9780949693419

RRP: $27.75 (inc. shipping within Australia)

Available from: Turkey Tracks Press & Dyslexia-Australasia

The Laughing Willows Stories portray a score of underestimated early rural feminists from pastoral princesses to a furious and adamant nonagenarian all forced into covert, ingenious, underground and underhand ways, including murder, in attempts to cure economic and social ills. They are sometimes ruthless, kind and innovative as they see fit but they are always pragmatic, risk-taking and brave whether surviving fir bombs by demented hatters or eloping by horseback in the teeth of a mountain blizzard under the gunfire of male relatives motivated by land greed and stymied inheritance.

The frightening story, Elopement of a Pastoral Princess was read nationally on Radio for the Print Handicapped.


The Laughing Willows Estate is placed at the core of these remarkable stories. Each character portrayed is as delicate as a miniature painting with great attention to vivid detail. At the same time it is a larger-than-life representation with each character metaphorically linked to a tree, flowering plant or creeper. The wild environment is always present with the bush, flash floods and often inaccessible mountain roads to mansions. The women risk breaking social barriers in enormous life-threatening danger to fulfil inner intellectual and emotional needs in unique fashion, and must be secretive to do so.” Joyce Brown – Editor, The Country Woman

Wheeled huts are carted through snowy mountains, old men roam deserted roads and seek revenge for hit and run killings, or fire-bomb homesteads. Laughing Willows is full of mayhem: the surreptitious exorcism of deeply disturbing psychological determinism. The stories have been very well received; ‘Tree Ladies’ was short listed in the 2004 Glen Eira Literary Awards (512 entries). ‘The Peacock Reunion’ was short listed in the Todhunter Literary Awards and published in the Victoria Park Journal, and ‘Marriage Annuls Teaching Certificates’ was selected for inclusion in Memories of the 20th Century (An Arrow Anthology Publication ).” Dr Anna Kassulke – The Word Story



Shadow Box

Edited by Angela Challis & Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Brimstone Press

RRP: AU$5.00 (CD-ROM)

Available from: Bookstores Australia wide or from Brimstone Press.




An antology of flash fiction lashed together with dark art and multimedia nastiness.

Click here for more information.



The Erebus Equilibrium

by Neil Cladingboel

Equilibrium Books

ISBN: 978-1-920764-00-5

RRP: AU$24.95

Available from: Equilibrium Books, Angus and Robertson and other online bookstores.

This one volume omnibus edition includes the complete and revised texts of Reflections, The Anvil Amulet and Wraith Tide.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bortag_covlg

Bortag’s Curse

by Neil Cladingboel

Equilibrium Books

ISBN: 978-1-920764-74-6

RRP: AU$24.95

Available from: Equilibrium Books, Angus and Robertson and other online bookstores.

An ancient prophecy…a stolen life…5,000 years of secrets and lies…and only one who knows the truth!



Stone Cold Calling

by Simon Clark

Illustrator: Vince Natale

Introduction by Kealan Patrick Burke

Tasmaniac Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9803868-4-4

RRP: $22.95 (free shipping within Australia)

Available from: Tasmaniac Publications

It beats but has no heart Calls without voice Desires yet is void of emotion And waits to destroy anyone unlucky enough to grant it freedom Stone Cold Calling It may well be the end of us all


“With Stone Cold Calling, Clark again proves that when it comes to generating tension, he is without peer. An ill-fated expedition doomed by the wrath of nature and powerful evil; this is Stephen King written in James Rollins’ blood. But the wicked ending? That’s all Clark.” Michael McBride, author, The Infected and the God’s End Trilogy.

“Stone Cold Calling takes you on a wildly imaginative ride from page one, masterfully twisting and turning and still never going the direction you think it might. Part Indian legend, part treasure hunt, part ancient mystery, but 100% Simon Clark at his horrific best. Wow! I stone cold loved it!” Gord Rollo, author, The Jigsaw Man and Lost in Translation.

“A page-turner from the start, this tightly written and highly entertaining tale is a testament to Clark’s skills as a master storyteller, and a must-have for anyone who enjoys exciting and expertly crafted horror fiction.” Greg F. Gifune, author, The Bleeding Season, Deep Night, Dominion and Blood in Electric Blue.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ never

Never Seen by Waking Eyes

by Stephen Dedman


ISBN: 978-0976654407

RRP: AU$24.95, US$15.95

Available from: Fantastic Planet, Amazon

Two dozen dark tales from one of Australia’s finest genre writers. Click here for more information.



The Last Motel

by Brett McBean

Biting Dog Publications

ISBN: Paperback 978-0972948531

Hardcover 978-0972948524

RRP: Paperback US $16.95

Hardcover US $40.00

Available from: Amazon (paperback) or Amazon (hardcover)

A husband and wife…

A pair of petty criminals…

A young man…

And a perverse serial killer…

Strangers with seemingly little in common with one another, are inextricably linked through a series of macabre events. In one explosive night, these people’s lives will change forever. Their stories are all different, but their plans are all the same: Stay the night at the Lodgepole Pine Motel and leave the next morning. The only problem is that one night at the Lodgepole Pine Motel can be a lifetime.



Confessions of a Pod Person

by Chuck McKenzie

Mirrordanse Books

ISBN: 0-9757852-1-4

RRP: AU$18.95

Available from: MirrorDanse Publishing

McKenzie’s work is reminiscent of Erik Frank Russell, Robert Sheckley and Terry Pratchett, letting fly at humanity, warts and all. The joke is on us, and it’s very, very funny.



The Grinding House

by Kaaron Warren

CSFG Publishing

ISBN: 0-958-1390-3-2

RRP: AU$20.00

Available from: Dymocks, and Australian Speculative Fiction

Short story collection from award winning author Kaaron Warren.


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