The story so far… 2007.

Here’s your chance to take a look at some of the pieces that have come out over the last few years.

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Green Velvet Shoes

by Christina Ann Alexander

Turkey Tracks Press

ISBN: 9780949693426 (pub) A823.4

RRP: PB 49.95 (inc. shipping within Australia) SB (Economy) $29.95

(inc. shipping within Australia)

Available from: Turkey Tracks Press & Dyslexia-Australasia

With comedic overtones, Green Velvet Shoes, spanning the years 1880-1950, tells of the horrific England-New Zealand voyage of migrants, land obsession, psychological imperatives and black mischief by tracking the antipodean migrants over the generations.

1880. Part one, Last Voyage of the Flying Fish, begins when 400 European migrants of varied culture, motivation, class, need and character, board the Flying Fish clipper ship, bound for Queensland, Australia, holding Queensland government land vouchers which were issued to fare-paying migrants for farm purchase, but negotiable for other agendas. A voyage of disease, storm, disorienting fog, fire, marooning, becalming and shipwreck on a New Zealand fjord.

1920. Part Two, Laughing Willows, set in the Southern Alps, details migrant fortunes in the remote, inaccessible, high country, where The Keyhole Detective, sybaritic trickster and poseur policeman, ignores crime to be welcome at regattas, banquets and hunts. Murder, blackmail, incest, atavism, displacement trauma, and female subjugation, entwine.

1950. Wheeled Hut Dreaming, set in Laughing Willows, features an extraordinary peripatetic hut built for farm worker shelter and refuge for mountaineers, but, like the hut on fowl’s legs of Russian witch, Baba Yaga, is also a nefarious killing chamber, ambulance and hearse to avenge sadistic educators, effect social justice, and preserve Laughing Willows from subdivision.


The writing portrays subversive and rebellious characters and their relationship between a sense of destiny and inner truths against life constraints, history and hardship with avoidance of platitudes. Marginalised people have given Christina subject matter, an unusual view of the world and a perspective of considerable depth to develop powerful and original work.” Anna Maria Dell ‘oso

Reading the story was a most enjoyable experience. It shows wonderful originality and understanding of the darker side of human nature.” Chris Kate Catley

…a multidimensional mix from Fabulous to Hoffmanesque (Strewwelpeter) to horror works well to explain motive and possibility where church ladies conspire with an unlikely killer to avenge pedagogue sadism and the beautiful ramparts of the Southern Alps of New Zealand might well be Dracula’s domain.” Dr Anna Kassulke – The Word Story



In the Midnight Museum
by Gary A. Braunbeck

Tasmaniac Publications
ISBN Softcover 978-0-9803868-2-0
ISBN Hardcover 978-0-9803868-3-7
RRP: AU$22.95  (Softcover)
$150.00 Slip-cased Lettered Hardback
Available from: Tasmaniac Publications, Ellison Hawker Bookshop Hobart, Bloodletting Press.

‘To the limits of even the most unbound imagination…’



All Tomorrow’s Zombies
by David Carroll and Jason Vey

Eden Studios
ISBN: 1-933105-03-8
RRP: US$17.50
Available from:

A science fiction supplement to the survival horror game All Flesh Must Be Eaten, with lots of new rules and scenarios, and the most dangerous zombies ever.

For more information, go to Tabula Rasa



Tale Spin & Visions of Transition
A Collection of Short Fiction and Contemporary Verse
by Neil Cladingboel

Equilibrium Books
ISBN: 978-1-920764-44-9
RRP: AU$24.95
Available from: Equilibrium Books, Angus and Robertson and other online bookstores.

Tale Spin brings together an amazing collection of imaginative and often surprising short fiction.



Secrets of Kenya
by David Conyers

Chaosium Inc.
ISBN: 1568821-88-3
RRP: US$29.95
Available from:, and Amazon.

The Mythos Roams Wild. A Call of Cthulhu role-playing game supplement for Kenya in the 1920s and 1930s.

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The Spirling Worm
by David Conyers & John Sunseri

Chaosium Inc.
ISBN: 156882-212-X
RRP: US$15.95
Available from:, and Amazon.

The Spiraling Worm offers seven espionage stories sharing background, characters, and storyline depicting humankind’s struggle against the Cthulhu Mythos.



The Pilo Family Circus
by Will Elliott

ABC Books
ISBN: 0733319815
RRP: AU$29.95 (AU$7.95 from ABC Shop)
Available from: ABC Shop, or Amazon

Jamie unwittingly passes an audition to join a circus, located in a netherworld between Brisbane and Hell…



The Lazarus Condition
by Paul Kane

Tasmaniac Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9803868-0-6 softcover, 978-0-9803868-1-3 hardcover
RRP: AU$$22.95 Softcover, $150.00 Hardcover.
Available from: Tasmaniac Publications or Ellison Hawker Bookshop, Hobart.

A book from the dead…

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The Darkness Within
by Jason Nahrung with Mil Clayton

Hachette Australia
ISBN: 978 0 7344 0971 3
RRP: AU$32.95 (trade paperback)
Available from: Any Australian bookshop or associated website

Can love overcome the Darkness within?

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Editor: Robert N Stephenson

Altair Australia Books
ISBN: 978-09804566-0-8
RRP: AU$19.95
Available from: Altair Australia Books

The dead walk, they eat brains, they do office works and play baseball. From traditional horror to a new take on the old lore, these stories take you on macabre journey through the unlives of the undead.



Dissecting Hannibal Lecter
edited by Benjamin Szumskyj

ISBN: 978-0-7864-3275-2
RRP: AU$35.00
Available from: McFarland

This comprehensive study of author Thomas Harris’ popular works focuses particularly on Harris’s internationally known antihero Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter in the classic novels Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, and Hannibal.



Dark Beckoning.
by Keith Williams

ISBN: 978-1-921240-62-1
RRP: AU$32.00
Available from: Poseidon Books

Three boys, their parents and friends will fight for their lives and perhaps their very souls against an unrelenting all-encompassing foe.

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Stephen King: The Non-Fiction
by Rocky Wood and Justin Brooks

Cemetery Dance
ISBN: 1-58767-160-3
RRP: AU$75.00
Available from: Cemetery Dance Publications

The 600 pieces of Stephen King non-fiction you’ve never read!


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