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Sinister Slices ~ April 2009

Posted in New Releases on April 15, 2009 by ahwasinisterreads

Greetings from this, our decadent den in cyberspace!

Our menu today consists of a variety of short fiction and articles pertaining to our beloved craft of writing. So pull up a chair and make yourself at home. You never know who’s head might roll this way.



Monstrous: 20 Tales of Giant Creature Terror

Six-Legged Shadows
by David Conyers & Brian M. Sammons

Permuted Press
ISBN 13:9781934861127
Price: $US14.95
Available from: Permuted Press
Release date: January 2009

After an absence from Earth for fifty-thousands years, a starship of human colonists return home to find their world dramatically changed. Humans are no more, wilderness has replaced civilisation, ice-shelfs cover the northern continents and grass has grown to gigantic sizes. The returning colonists soon fear what else might have grown with the flora, and that it might hunt them even now.


“A great little sci-fi terror fest that is reminicent of the Twilight Zone in every way. I loved it!” –

“A nifty H.G. Wells-ish collaboration from David Conyers and Brian M. Sammons that packs a clever finale” Horror Fiction Review


adfh3 Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume 3
Editor: Angela Challis

The Wildflowers
by Marty Young

Brimstone Press
ISBN: 978-0-9805677-0-0
ISSN no.: 1835-4904
Price: $24.95
Release date: April 2009
Available from: Brimstone Press, Indie Books Online and most bookstores (including Dymocks and speciality retailers)


Borderlands 11

Disney’s World
by Jay Caselberg

Dirty Paper Wings
by Felicity Dowker

To Kill a Lesser God
by Mark Farrugia

Release date: April 2009
Available from: Borderlands