Sinister Reads ~ May 2009

Welcome back to our decadent den of nefarious deeds. Here we have this month’s new releases for you to sink your teeth into.

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Cruel Summer ~ Pre-order Now! ~

by Matt Venne

Illustrated by Daniele Serra

Tasmaniac Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9803868-8-2RRP: $14.00 US (free shipping within Australia)

Release date: July 25th 2009

Available from: Tasmaniac Publications, Horror Mall, Jeff ‘n’ Joys Quality Books.

Cruel Summer is a dark coming-of-age tale, set in the summer of 1985 against the very real backdrop of the atrocities committed by the infamous serial killer who came to be known the world over as The Night Stalker.

When young Jim Craine learns about The Night Stalker’s bloody rampage through the Los Angeles county neighborhoods that surround his small hometown, he begins to realize that life isn’t as idyllic in his suburban neighborhood as he had once believed.

As the blood spilled by the Night Stalker swirls into an ever-tightening whirlpool that threatens to suck Jim into its deadly abyss, the young man will come to discover that some of life’s greatest horrors are those that are quietly scratching at the thin stucco walls between happiness and sorrow.


A haunting coming-of-age story about that shadowed land from which none of us emerges unscathed – our own childhoods. Don’t be fooled by his easy, conversational voice, either – Matt Venne is going to take you to some dark places… all the more heart-wrenching for being real.” Author Michael Marshall.

Cruel Summer manages to be intensely personal, nerve-wracking, deeply humane, down-and-out nasty, and compulsively readable all within the space of fewer pages than it takes most perennial bestsellers to get started. This is the real stuff, folks: a heart very much in the pulps of the 40s and 50s, with timeless sensibilities, and a pace that makes most Richard Stark and Joe Lansdale novels look like they’re standing still. This one’s a sharp kick in the gut, heart, and head. Strap in and open to the first page. Have bandages ready. And your living will up to date.” Gary A. Braunbeck – 5-time Bram Stoker Award-winner – Coffin County, Far Dark Fields.


Beneath the Dark Ice

by Greig Beck

Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330425490

RRP: $32.99 AU

Release date: May 2009

Available from: Pan Macmillan

When a plane crashes into the Antarctic ice, exposing a massive cave beneath, a rescue and research team is dispatched. Twenty-four hours later, all contact is lost.

Captain Alex Hunter and his highly trained squad of commandos are fast tracked to the hot zone to find out what went wrong – and to follow up the detection of a vast underground reservoir. Accompanying the team is an assortment of researchers, including petrobiologist Aimee Weir. If the unidentified substance proves to be an energy source, every country in the world will want to know about it, some would even kill for it.

Once inserted into the cave system, they don’t find any survivors – not even a trace of their bodies. Primeval hieroglyphs hint at an ancient civilisation, and an ancient danger.  Within hours, one of the party will die, and begins the race to find a way to the surface while being hunted by a creature from Earth’s very dawn.


His debut novel Beneath the Dark Ice has all the ingredients of a late night page-turner: a remote and dangerous setting, a rugged hero with an Achilles heel, a vicious and deadly villain, geopolitical intrigue and cutting-edge science. Throw in a feisty heroine and a band of elite soldiers, put them in the ruins of an ancient civilization and pit them against a mythological creature, and it’s a recipe for compulsive reading.” 
Lachlan Jobbins, Good Reading Magazine

A fast paced, fun and fantastic debut from a great new talent. Perfect escapism.” Paperchain Books.

Beneath the Dark Ice – In a word: GRIPPING.” Malcolm Tattersall, Townsville BULLETIN.

An exciting read! A successful mix of spy thriller, psychological drama, and scientific primeval action novel – with just a touch of the Jules Verne.” Anne Dickson, Rodney Libraries.

Exciting from beginning to end. Rated 4/5 Stars – Lesevergnügen (Reading Pleasure) .” Eva Hüppen – Lesser-Welt, Das Literaturportal (German Review)


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