Sinister Reads ~ July 2009

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by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
Illustrated by Andrew J. McKiernan

Brimstone Press
ISBN: 978-1-921456-25-1
RRP: $16.95
Available from:  Brimstone PressIndie Books Online, and most bookstores (including Dymocks and speciality retailers)

Shards is dark fiction at its shortest and sharpest. Each shard is an imaginative fragment, broken, sharp, and poised to draw blood. Every story is illustrated by the darkly imaginative Andrew J. McKiernan.


“Shane Jiraiya Cummings with Shards shows he is not only a master of the flash fiction style of writing but has pretty much written the definitive statement on how it should work. The collection is a strong statement on the validity of an internet-driven writing style and is a must have for any collector of Australian Dark Fiction.” Jeff Ritchie, Scary Minds

Shards cuts you right open and then sets about infecting the wound. Cummings’ prose is as the title suggests: short, sharp, and deadly. The tales themselves are relentless, battering you with their suggestive intensity or mocking with bleak humour. Add to this darkly disturbing illustrations by Andrew McKiernan and Shards is one hell of a nightmare.” Marty Young, President, Australian Horror Writers Association.

If flash fiction is the distinctive form of our internet age—and everything points that way—then I can’t think of a better demonstration of the art than Shards.” Richard Harland, award-winning author of The Black Crusade and World Shaker.

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