Sinister Reads ~ August 2009

It’s that time again when we open the gates, turn out the light and let the creatures roam free to torment us. This month we have some fresh ink from Stephen Irwin and the Keith Williams to tempt you.

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Irwin_dead_path_coverThe Dead Path
by Stephen M Irwin

Hachette Australia

ISBN: 978-0-7336-2374-5

RRP: $32.99

Available from: Folio Books

and Infinitas

Nicholas Close is a haunted man. He doesn’t just see dead people … he sees them die, over and over again.

After his wife’s tragic death, Nicholas abandons the life he had in London and returns home to Australia. He is amazed to find little has changed in the twenty years he has been away. He can’t believe a place that terrified him as a child – a place locals call The Woods – has somehow escaped the developer’s bulldozer. When he was ten years old, he found a strange talisman near the woods. He didn’t touch it, and ran. Later, he told his best friend, Tristram, about it. They returned to The Woods to seek it out and Tristram picked it up. Tristram’s body was found the next day.

Something is lurking in The Woods that knows Nicholas is back. It has been waiting … because it claimed the wrong boy.

When another child goes missing, Nicholas becomes a suspect in the disappearance. He realises that if he doesn’t act against whatever resides in The Woods, more children will be murdered. But the force among the trees is old, cunning and evil … and it will stop at nothing to get what it wants. And it wants Nicholas.





The Finger of God ~ PRE-ORDER NOW ~
by Keith Williams

Equilibrium Books
ISBN no: 978-1-921456-25-1
RRP: $27.95
Release Date: September 2009.
Available from: Equilibrium Books

Decorated, retired astronaut Jordie MacAlister has retreated to the rugged West Coast of Scotland; his wife dead, his career cut short and his life in disarray. His solitude is suddenly blown away when an entire top secret NASA database is inexplicably downloaded into his computer. He understands that such a thing is impossible, and yet it has happened, and MacAlister knows he is in deep trouble. In desperation he turns to his old friend, retired professor and self-confessed conspiracy theorist Alan Sinclair, for help. Together they attempt to hide the stolen data before Jordie is arrested, but even a greater danger awaits them, something that threatens the entire planet.

What was always considered a barren, dead ball, the mysterious planet Mars is proving to be much more. Something monstrous is alive in its red soil, a fact that has been known and kept a secret for some time. When the alien entity makes its way to Earth, Jordie and Alan must race against the approaching apocalypse in a bid to find possible salvation hidden amongst the NASA files.

The Finger of God is a gripping thriller from start to finish and a searing social commentary on the human condition from the author of Dark Beckoning.


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