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Sinister Reads ~ September 2009

Posted in New Releases, Sinister Slices on September 6, 2009 by ahwasinisterreads

The weather may be getting warmer, but here at Sinister Reads the slab is always cold, the gateway to hell always open, and the creatures of your nightmares always around the next corner. Before you break out the BBQ and dust it off for another season, be sure to check out these new releases. As always, you can reach us at



DeVayne – The Lycanthrope Chronicles: Tormented Love

by Adrian Scott

Renaissance E-books

ISBN: 9781615080953

RRP: $4.99

Available from: Renaissance E-books

Charles Devayne, twin son of a wealthy Parisian banker, is attacked by a werewolf on a hunting trip in the Carpathian Mountains, along with his friend Jean-Phillipe. Jean becomes a werewolf and stalks the Devayne family, and Charles must hunt him down while trying to keep his own lycanthropy under control and maintain a love affair with pretty university student Dominique Dusette.

Jean-Phillipe is killed, but Charles’ disease begins to take over. The two brothers and their now-wives move to Sydney, Australia, in the 19th century, where they try to settle and begin new lives – Charles as a doctor, his brother establishing branches of the London and Midlands bank in Sydney and Melbourne.

A violent conclusion sees the end of the werewolf – or does it? Charles’ baby son may also carry the gene, but you’ll have to wait for the release of volume II to find out!


Sinister Slices

Dead Bait

by Kathleen Steele

Published in: Skive #12

Available from: Lulu