Sinister Reads ~ It’s a Black Friday Stoker kind of thing.

Oh yes indeed ~ the veil falls and the mischief givers roam the streets. Another Black Friday befalls us and what better way to start the day than to take a look at the twisted minds that fed their muse God knows what to bring you some great horror. So grab a spoon everyone and dive in – first to take a bite gets to lick the bowl.


Recommended for Long Fiction

When it comes to going the distance, these three have proven they have the guts, even if they did have to disembowel someone to get it. Small intestines and formaldehyde aside, these fine writers have spilled their ink for our enjoyment as the Stoker’s creep ever closer.

Felicity Dowker ~ Phantasy Moste Grotesk

FelicityWith work being considered in two Stoker categories, and a shiny 2009 Ditmar Award for Best New Talent, it seems that Felicity’s muse is well fed (any time you want to give up that recipe Flick…). Her sold out limited edition chapbook Phantasy Moste Grotesk was released in April by Corpulent Insanity Press and her short fiction appears in Aurealis, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Borderlands, Midnight Echo, and many other Australian and international magazines and anthologies.

To add to her avenues of chaos, Felicity is a committee member of the Australian Horror Writers Association, a member of the ASIM Publishing Co Op, and a reviewer for the Specusphere. When asked what she does in her spare time, we listened to 12 minutes of maniacal laughter before she gave us this link to her blog. At the request of Felicity, her lawyers and ours we must include the following disclaimer: Enter, stranger, at your riske: here there be Tygers (She isn’t kidding – the good news is they eat Smurfs.)

Be sure to check back in the coming days when we ask Felicity where she hid the bodies.

Andrew McKiernan ~ The Message

amckiernan_authorphotoWe’ve been tossing a few theories around the office and we’ve come to the conclusion that Andrew isn’t human. He ‘claims’ that he is an author and illustrator living and working on the Central Coast of New South Wales. We say let us peel off your skin and let us make the final call. Check out this list of credits and make up your own minds: Art Director of Aurealis: Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy magazine since 2004, the incoming Art Director of the AHWA’s Midnight Echo magazine. His illustrations have appeared in magazines such as Orb, Aurealis and Midnight Echo as well as the In Bad Dreams 1: Where Real Life Awaits, Masques and Festive Fear anthologies. He has designed and illustrated covers for Aurealis, In Bad Dreams 2: Where Death Stalks, Life Through Cellophane by Gillian Pollack, Paul Haines’ Slice of Life and the forthcoming Classic Australian SF series from Chimaera Publications. Most recently, his illustrations were showcased in the collection Shards: Short Sharp Tales and its accompanying free PDF e-book Shards: Damned and Burning, both published by Brimstone Press.

But wait, there’s more!

Andrew first short story, Calliope: A Steam Romance, was published in the Shadow Plays anthology in 2007 and included on a number of Australian Years’ Best short-lists. Since then his twisted tales of darkness have appeared in Aurealis, the Black Box e-anthology, CSFG’s Masques anthology, and In Bad Dreams 2: Where Death Stalks. His most recent story, The Message, appeared in Midnight Echo #2, a story which award winning author Martin Livings said “… ‘jeez, I wish I’d written this!'”

Human, I think not! And it gets worse!

Andrew is writing more short stories set in the Clowntown universe, and he is also working on illustrations for a collection of Richard Tierney’s Lovecraftian poetry, to be released by P’Rea Press in 2010, and making serious in-roads into completing his first novel.

If you would like to see footage of the alien autopsy we performed on Andrew, click here.

Matt Venne ~ Cruel Summer


It’s hard to imagine any sinister stories lurking behind that Cheshire cat smile, but we here at Sinister Reads are glad that Matt has taken the time to put them to paper. An accomplished screen writer, Cruel Summer is Matt’s first book ~ we hope the first of many. He teamed up with Steve at Tasmaniac Publications to print his novel and since it’s July release, all copies in Australia have sold out. For those of you who missed out on grabbing a local copy, don’t despair. There is still stock available from  Jeff ‘n’ Joys Quality Books.

After some gentle persuasion, well as gentle as one can be with hot pokers and a syringe, we’ve extracted discovered that Matt is currently working on adapting Stephen King’s Bag of Bones for Mick Garris (The Stand, The Shining, Desperation) to direct, while also adapting the novel The Scent of Adam for Lakeshore Entertainment. We loosened his gag long enough for him to assure us that he was still committed to writing prose, with some short stories about famous figures in American history secretly fighting various monsters, and the follow-up book to Cruel Summer.


We wish our three murderous musketeers the best of luck, and we’ve sacrificed 12 Smurfs to Felicity’s Tygers for the cause. SR team 15 – Smurfs 1.

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