Sinister Reads ~ It’s a Stoker kind of thing.

We’ve taken a break from making our preparations for the Jolly Fat Man to introduce you to another Stoker’s hopeful. As these offerings to the gods of Macabre inch closer to the long ballot, we will continue to prod their creators with various sharp impliments for you reading pleasure. One second – “No! I said put the razor wire half way down the chimney to shred his ass after he commits to the drop.” Please excuse us – we must get back to our preparations. “I want him bleeding by the time we release the dogs.”


Recommended for Collections

There’s a lot to be said for writing a horror story that engrosses the reader as the twisted tale unfolds. So what do you say about that special breed of writers that manage to manifest a collection of stories that crawl under your skin, burrow into your flesh and leech on your veins. You say nothing – you just kidnap their muse and run like hell. If that fails, at least you can rest (in peace) assured that the monstrosity vanquished in their next story is probably going to be based on you.

Shane Jiraiya Cummings ~ Shards

This month, Shane gave up his day job to live the dream and concentrate on writing full time. After he told us this, we may have accidentally jabbed him a little harder with the kitchen knife than we intended. On the up side ~Coming Soon~ Limited Edition SJC Writer’s Ink – If you don’t ask us who’s in it – we don’t get indited. A-hem where were we… His main projects include a series of Japanese fantasy novels (featuring the characters from his Ditmar and Aurealis Award nominated novelette Yamabushi Kaidan and the Smoke Dragon) and a paranormal fiction trilogy based on Hindu mythology (which he assures us will be much darker than the usual angsty vampire-ridden fare, isn’t that right Shane /twist knife). Shane’s dark fantasy novella set in a post apocalyptic Australia will be published by Damnation Books in December. He is also putting the finishing touches to a collection entitled In the Heart of Midnight, which will showcase Shane’s longer work. He has two Ditmar Awards to his name, and he has been nominated for numerous other Ditmars, the Aurealis Award, and the Australian Shadows Award. He has spun more than sixty tales that have found publication in Australia, North America, and Europe, many of which have been threaded together into Shards.

On top of his prolific writing activities, Shane is positioned at the centre of the web of Australian dark fiction. He is the Vice President of the Australian Horror Writers’ Association, Managing Editor of HorrorScope, and editor of several anthologies. You will find Shane lurking here, however, if it takes him a little while to respond, he could tied up addressing supply issues for our new ink venture.

Update: We’ve just been informed that Shane has moved his muse to a new secure facility. We’ll do our best to get the new location out of him. Who’s got the leg wax?

Best of luck Shane – now get back to writing!


P.S. Step away from the office for three days… SR team 17 – Smurfs 21. Not happy Jan!

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