Sinister Reads ~ November/December 2009

That’s right, we’re cramming two months worth of new horror into one just in time for the excess season! So take the batteries out of the obnoxious toy your mother-in-law bought for your kids, wave at the teenagers now ignoring you from between their iPod headphones, and pull on the new Daffy Duck socks your brother gave you as we bring you fresh fiction on the bone.

Now, if you could be so kind as to lower that carving knife… just a little perhaps?

From the team at Sinister Reads, we’d like to thank you for your support over this past year as we got ball rolling. It’s been a pleasure to bring you new Australian horror as it pours from their brain and into your hands. We look forward to doing it again in 2010 ~ bigger and better, and if the budget allows, with 20% more bloodshed!

Have a happy and safe festive season!


Dead America

by Luke Keioskie

Severed Press

ISBN: 9780980606522

RRP: $32.99 US

Available from: Ingram Books and Amazon

Life’s tough in America. Especially when you’re dead.

Faraday thought finding a runaway girl would be easy money. But when the girl turns up dead – the first person in decades who hasn’t relived as a zombie – Faraday must hit the streets to find her killer.

Standing in his way are zombie gangbangers, a police force rife with bigotry and lifism, and the undead crimelord of Harlem. But with the help of a necrophilic pathologist, a severed head named Dorothy, and a reporter that would literally give her right arm for a story, Faraday must discover why the dead girl didn’t come back to life. And he better be quick before the animosity between the living and the dead sparks a riot that could burn New York City to the ground.

Welcome to Dead America. Land of the dead and home of the grave.




~ Pre-order ~ Savage Menace and other poems of horror

by Richard L. Tierney

Illustrated by Andrew McKiernan

P’rea Press

Release date: January 2010

ISBN: 9780980462555

RRP: $35.00 AU (Hardcover)

Available from: P’rea Press

Welcome to SAVAGE MENACE AND OTHER POEMS OF HORROR by Richard L. Tierney. Herein you’ll find poems of delectable horror and exquisite savagery and dread. RL “Terminator” Tierney does not hold back from touching on the ghoulish rhythms of decadence and fright that live at the back of all our universes. Make no mistake, horror fantasy lives appallingly in this majestic book of heightened poetic magic and feasts of delirious verse. SM, lavishly illustrated by Australia’s own Andrew McKiernan, will have you kneeling, groveling, and praying at the shrines of Poe and Lovecraft to make it all go away … And it won’t necessarily. Great poetry is never an acquired taste but the presence of mind to go one step further. So be brave, be very brave. Down the dark gruesome corridors of this splendid book’s succulent steps and primeval by-ways you always go one mad step further. Might you look back and see how far you’ve gone? O amazing mazy labyrinth. You may have lost the Minotaur’s thread…


If there is a finer poet in the tradition of Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard, I don’t know of one. Tierney has a vision as cosmic and savage as any of theirs, and his expressive skills are enviable indeed.” Ramsey Campbell

Richard L. Tierney has achieved a distinguished corpus of work in the fields of imaginative literature not just as a distinctive fictioneer but equally as a disciplined and unique poet forging ahead in traditional forms. The genre and shape are lyrical but the vision is epic and heroic, not to mention cosmic.” Donald Sidney-Fryer

In his poetry there is not a word out of place, not a line that is other than musical, not a stanza that cannot be considered a triumph of quiet eloquence. In his poems Richard L. Tierney exhibits the quintessence of his multifaceted literary gifts.” S. T. Joshi

There is no other present-day poet in the entire Lovecraftian galaxy who treasures to quite the same extent as does Richard Tierney the fabulous valleys and high mountain peaks of fantasy, or who has captured their splendors with a greater perceptiveness.” Frank Belknap Long

Richard L. Tierney has ramped respect as one of the premier poets of the macabre in modern times. His finesse is spectral, and elegant. He has devoted most of his life to the pursuit and expression of fantastic literature, in prose and verse. In Savage Menace he hits the spot most powerfully.” Charles Lovecraft


Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves

by Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Damnation Books

ISBN: 9781615720552 (e-Book)
ISBN: 9781615720545 (Softcover)

RRP: $ 4.50 US

Release date: December 2009

Available from: Damnation Books

Australia has been devastated by a supernatural inferno. Damon believes he is the last ash-covered survivor, a man’s whose past—and future—is inextricably tied to the magick that caused the conflagration. He tracks a phoenix through this apocalyptic wasteland in the hopes of using its magick to restore his lost family to humanity. His family, in turn, have been condemned to limbo as shadow wolves, emerging for a few fleeting moments every sunset to hunt Damon in the hope his death will free them from their torment. The hunt is on!


A richly Australian piece which will strike a chord with any connoisseur of dark tales.”  HorrorScope.

ISBN: 9781615720552 (e-Book)

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