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Sinister Reads ~ January 2010

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The fat man has finished his annual rampage and crawled back into his Arctic lair as the new year arrives to dish up some fresh Aussie horror. This year you’ll notice some layout changes to keep you up to date with all things macabre (and we like to watch our minions slaving away – What? Everyone needs a hobby.)  So strap yourselves in for two reasons. First, the demons tell us it’s easier to possess you if you hold still, and second, when it comes to Aussie horror, you know you’ll be in for a wild ride.


Sinister Reads

~Pre-Order~ Australian Ghost Stories

Edited by James Doig

Wordsworth Editions

Release date: 5th Feburary 2010

ISBN: 9781840226416

RRP: $12.95 AU

Available from: Wordsworth Editions

Murderous ghosts, horrific curses and monstrous beings haunt an unforgiving landscape into which travellers stray at their peril. Journey through the dark byways of Australia’s Gothic past in the rare stories gathered in this memorable new collection. Work by acclaimed Australian writers such as Marcus Clarke, Henry Lawson and Edward Dyson appears alongside many lesser-known authors such as Beatrice Grimshaw, Mary Fortune and Ernest Favenc. Many of the stories collected here have never been reprinted since their first publication in 19th and early 20th century periodicals and showcase the richness and variety of the Australian ghost and horror story.

James Doig provides an authoritative introduction full of fresh insights into Australian Gothic fiction with detailed biographical notes on the authors represented.


Kagemono: Tooth and Claw

by Jason Franks & others.

Edited by Jason Franks.

Illustrated by Nicholas Hunter, Yuriko Sekine, Renan L’Hopsum, Brendan Halyday, Carlen Lavigne, Jeff Womack, Luke Pickett, Carl Yonder, Richard Butler

Blackglass Press

ISBN: 9780980516739

RRP: $15.00 AU

Available from: Amazon and Blackglass Press

Bigger and badder than ever, KAGEMONO: TOOTH AND CLAW will drag you screaming and laughing through ten all new stories: a werewolf-infested city, a coma ward, a sanctuary for vampires, an old factory, the bathroom of tomorrow, a psychic medium’s copy shop, a Miami courthouse, a bluesman’s shag-pad, and a suburban home with a very unusual closet.


Edited and collated by Melbourne’s Jason Franks, the project has excelled at bringing out mad and frequently violent horror tales with some deliciously talented artists brought on board.” Andrei Buters, Sticky Institute newsletter.


Sinister Slices

XDA Zai: The Wild Hunt

by Jason Franks

Published in: Assassin’s Canon

Available from: Utility Fog Press