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Sinister Reads ~ February 2010

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I hope you’re all feeling special at the moment. We’ve taken time out of the annual Clown Hunt to bring you this month’s update. We have fresh ink waiting to flow into your hands and several happy authors courtesy of the recent Aurealis Awards. There’s also some news on the Stoker front for those anxious  to find out how their favourites are doing.

If you have any submissions or feedback, please email us at Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s time to teach a few more clowns some manners.

From the crawl-space beneath your house…

The 2009 awards season is in full swing and Brisbane hosted a great night to hand out some well-deserved Aurealis Awards. The AHWA was well represented on the night with the nefarious Paul Haines on the shortlist for Best Collection for Slice of Life. However, it was his dual nomination in the Best Horror Short Story category that secured him not one, but two awards as he managed to tie with himself for the win (Wives & A Spot of Liver.)  Paul wasn’t the only one caught paying for the extra weight in their luggage for their return flight. Crit group member Chris Green walked into the awards with three pieces shortlisted under three different genres (Father’s Kill/Best Fantasy Short Story, A Hundredth Name/Best Sci-fi Short Story, Having Faith/Best Horror Short Story) with Father’s Kill bringing home the honours. These two fine fellows were joined in the Best Horror Short Story shortlist by Felicity Dowker with her slice of fright Jesse’s Gift. Stephen M Irwin‘s novel The Dead Path was shortlisted for Best Horror Novel, but we suspect it’s only a matter of time before he’s walking out with the award.

In Stoker news, Rocky Wood & Justin Brooks have been nominated for Superior Achievement in Nonfiction for his book Stephen King: The Nonfiction. We wish Rocky the best of luck in bringing home the Stoker.

We’d also like to congratulate those that made it into the long ballot:

First Novel: Stephen M Irwin – The Dead Path & Karron Warren – Slights.

Anthology: Jennifer Brozek & Amanda Pillar – Grants Pass.

Collection: Shane Jiraiya Cummings – Shards.

Many great Australian horror writers were recommended for the 2009 Stokers, and we hope to see that list grow this year.


Sinister Reads

After the World: Gravesend

by Jason Fischer

Cover by Jason Paulos

Black House Comics

Release date: February 2010

ISBN: 9780980600643

RRP: $5.00 AU

Available from: Blackboox

Bored out of your brains at school?

Still – better than having your brains bored out, or at least that’s what Tamsyn and Ali think. The zombie apocalypse is here but life continues in the Kent town of Gravesend. Parents, school, politics – it’s your every day small town, albeit with an army of cannibals looking to get in.

And when they do…


The first two installments of this series are great fun to read. As with the bulk of apocalyptic zombie fiction there’s (understandably) not a vast amount of innovation here, but both Blakehill and Fischer provide sufficiently original set-ups and characterisation to make these novellas compelling reading for the zombie afficianado.” Chuck McKenzie, OzHorrorScope

The strongest aspects of Fischer’s zombie novella are the no-holds-barred, fast-paced, gory action sequences, and the emotional depth of his characters. Fischer is a writer of obvious talent and ability, and Gravesend is a skillful, efficient, and powerful work.” Felicity Dowker, Specusphere


Australian Ghost Stories

Edited by James Doig

Wordsworth Editions

Release date: 5th Feburary 2010

ISBN: 9781840226416

RRP: $12.95 AU

Available from: Wordsworth Editions

Murderous ghosts, horrific curses and monstrous beings haunt an unforgiving landscape into which travellers stray at their peril. Journey through the dark byways of Australia’s Gothic past in the rare stories gathered in this memorable new collection. Work by acclaimed Australian writers such as Marcus Clarke, Henry Lawson and Edward Dyson appears alongside many lesser-known authors such as Beatrice Grimshaw, Mary Fortune and Ernest Favenc. Many of the stories collected here have never been reprinted since their first publication in 19th and early 20th century periodicals and showcase the richness and variety of the Australian ghost and horror story.

James Doig provides an authoritative introduction full of fresh insights into Australian Gothic fiction with detailed biographical notes on the authors represented.


Sinister Slices

Starship Zamedi

by Jason Fischer

Published in: Zombonauts: Undead in the Universe

Available from: Amazon