The Shadows move closer…

Where do you read your horror? On the train with a carriage full of witness to you macabre inclinations? At home in bed with the blankets handy if it gets to be too much?

Do you tell your friends when a book scares you?

Do you ever tell the writer?

Why not? Scared they know something about you that you don’t until they serve your darkest fears on a platter?

Our relationship with those that go out of their way to scare us is unconventional to say the least. What is it about a horror story that stirs our curiosity? Is it because we get to read it with the light on and dispell the shadows before the creatures can fill them? Or is it the opportunity to let our guard down for a little while and be afraid; one of the few emotions we go out of our way to avoid on a daily basis. The writers you are about to meet have taken the train with you, you’ve taken them to bed with nothing more than a lamp, a blanket and old PJ’s to protect you, and they were with you when you closed your eyes and nightmares were born – and you liked it.


Australian Shadows Award Nominations for Edited Publication

Amanda Pillar and Jennifer Brozek believe that some folks like to sit down and discuss world domination. Then there are people like them, who plan the destruction of the world’s population – when they’re not writing, that is.

Amanda (or ‘Bones’), the Aussie-half of the Grants Pass editorial team, is a writer, editor and bearer of 101 Useless Facts while her co-conspirator Jennifer, is based in the US of A and is a freelance author, editor and slush pile expert.

Jennifer doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘down time’ and is constantly at keyboard and producing an astounding amount of quality work. Her latest fiction projects, Close Encounters of the Urban Kind and In a Gilded Light are due for publication in April and June 2010 respectively. She is also the editor of two new anthologies due for publication later this year, and has contributed to many RPG books. In a change of heart, she is also working on the non-fiction The Little Finance Book That Could, in an attempt to help folks, rather than plot their downfall.

Amanda, the Bearer of Useless Facts, divides her time between her day job (where she has discussed the murder of her boss with said boss), Masters Degree, editorial work and her writing. Sometimes, she is even allowed outside the house to visit friends. Lately, she has been working on Scenes for the Second Storey with the very lucky (or unlucky, depending on your perspective), Pete Kempshall and is annoying folks into buying The Phantom Queen Awakes, her latest co-edited anthology, published on Valentine’s Day.


Stephen Clark‘s anthology of Christmas themed stories taken from the Australian perspective of our festive summer – quite different from those living elsewhere who regard Christmas as being synonymous with snow landscapes of sleighs and reindeer.

It had always been my intention to do a project exclusively for Australian writers and this was it! I wanted the reader (where ever they may be) to experience the season’s heat our land can mercilessly dish out. I wanted the reader to think twice about accepting the concept of an overweight stranger walking around their house in the middle of the night on an annual basis. Upon reading the anthology I wanted the reader to then wake from a nightmare where a very seductive blonde was asking, ‘Where the bloody hell are ya?’ while she picked at her leg with the point of a very large knife. I wanted…and I’m very happy with the results.

I’m proud of all the stories that were included, along with the exceptional artwork, and was pleased to see positive international reviews.

There’s another Festive Fear in the works (Global Edition) due out Dec ’10, but Stephen would love to see a strong Australian contribution. Submission deadline is June 30th if any writers are interested – check out the details at Tasmaniac Publications.


Best of luck in the lead up to the announcement! Until then, we’ll see you on the train.


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