Midnight Echo #4 Now Available!

Issue 4 of Midnight Echo is a monster, well, has a story or two about a few monsters anyway. We’ve packed in twelve exciting stories, three poems, art by eight talented artists and four exciting interviews.

Order your copy, or two, today.

Scott Wilson
Executive Editor ~ Midnight Echo Magazine

Edited by Lee Battersby

Australian Horror Writers Association

ISSN: 1836 3865

RRP: $11.00 US (Printed version for non-AHWA members), $9.00 US (Printed version for AHWA members), $3.00 US (Digital versions)

Available from: Australian Horror Writers Association

From the editor:

Everywhere we have travelled, the human race has been shadowed by monsters. They lurked in the shadows just outside the circle of light cast by our fires. They swam in the darkness beneath our keels. When we discovered new lands, and stepped onto white-sand beaches for the first time, they watched us from the bushes. They live in the corners of our eyes; in the silver lining within the cloud; in the cold, scared part of our minds we have spent our entire evolution pretending to ignore.

There are monsters in the pages of Midnight Echo: discovered; dissected, and chronicled by those who are unafraid to look beyond the circle of fire. Stories and poetry from writers like Geoffrey Maloney, Jenny Blackford, and Christopher Green, who have swum in the waters below the human psyche and returned to warn us of the truth they have discovered. That there is only one true monster in the human world, and it lives in your mirror.

Open the pages of Midnight Echo, and see what happens when the mirror stares back.

Lee Battersby.


Cromwell’s Beast ~ Steven J Stegbar

Tiny Drops ~ LL Hannett

Within the Walls ~ Philip Roberts

The Hand of God ~ Jason Crowe

Where We Go to be Made Lighter ~ Christopher Green

Poison or the Knife ~ BL Hobson

Carnal Knowledge ~ Don Norum

Visiting ~ Richard Barber

The Movie ~ Graham Fielding

Sleeping Dogs ~ Geoffrey Maloney & Andrew Baker

The Moon & The Mesa ~ Daniel Braum

Little Boy Lost ~ Patty Jansen


Rabbit ~ Holly Day

Mirror ~ Jenny Blackford

The Fat Aftermath ~ Jude Aquilina

Interviews with:

Charlaine Harris

Macabre Editors Angela Challis & Dr Marty Young

Foz Meadows

Surrealist artist Vincent Castiglia

Artwork by:

Justin Randall

Marco Morte

Ian Van Gemert

Shane Ryan

Mariusz Ganzel

Vincent Castiglia

Harry Purnell

George Cotronis



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