Sinister Reads ~ July 2010

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.

Edgar Allan Poe.

In hushed voices they speak. They call to you from beyond the veil of reality and implore you to sit a spell with them, journey across the murky moors, to languish, when bidden, in their world. “Free yourself,” they say. “The world can spare you. We need you to see … to understand … Come with us.” We carry the book to the counter and hand over the money. We take them home, those hushed voices, and set them next to our bed. In the quiet we crack their spine and into their world we fall.  Page after page we see … we understand, and when the time comes to escape to reality, we place them next to us, under the lamp beside our bed – as though the light can banish the horrors within.

But the voices are patient.

They can wait.

You’ll be back.

You always come back.

The voices are never lonely for long.


Sinister Gatherings

Lee Pletzers will be conducting book signings in Wellington, New Zealand at the Au Contraire Sci-Fi convention on the 29th August, 2010.

Be sure to check out Lee’s latest release below.


Sinister Reads

The Game
by Lee Pletzers
Triskaideka Books
ISBN: 9780958289313
RRP: $15.95 US
Available from: Smashwords (ebook) and Lulu.

From the mind of an eleven year old, who refused to believe he was of this world, an idea formed and grew.

Years passed. Technology advanced and the idea became tangible.

24 years in the making: The Game: broken computer code links together to become a demon inside a VR game trying to enter our reality.

Only one person can make that happen:

The Game creator.

He refuses, but there is a backup plan.


An idea when Lee Pletzers was young, flourishes in this tale. No one could write a better story of virtual gaming and adventure. The characters run in every direction and pulling the reader into their world, their lives and twists and turns leave the reader guessing, wanting more of the words Pletzers has written. At its core The Game is a book that reminds you that every instance of fantasy may have some odd truth in it. There is no doubt that a reader will enjoy The Game, whether they are a gamer or not.” Shells Walter


Deadly Minds.

by Michael Brannen.

Publish America.

ISBN: 9781448970605

RRP: $24.95 US

Available from:

Dexter Cross is a heinous individual-he is a man minus a conscience. While returning from burying his latest victims, he is struck by lightning and falls into a coma. Upon awakening, Dexter finds he is in possession of a terrifying new power: He is able to transport himself into the minds of others. He can take control of them, make them do whatever he wants…to whomever he wants.

It isn’t long before Dexter realises someone else shares his…talent.

Luke Tanner is a shy, awkward teenager. He, too, is struck by lightning and slides into a comatose state.

An incident with the school bullies reveals to Luke the unique ability residing within him. But to Luke, it’s a burden, a curse, and it terrifies him.

Luke no longer dreams of his beautiful neighbour, Jasmine, instead he has nightmares of Dexter, a maniac on the loose, a monster who is now searching for him.

With the help of Jasmine and his best friend, Toby, Luke struggles to stay one step ahead of Dexter. But an unexpected and horrifying event forces Luke into a deadly showdown with Dexter, a showdown only one of them will walk away from.


The Sins of Maston Thurlow book V: Golem’s Victim

by Adrian Scott

Renaissance ebooks

ISBN: 9781615082650

RRP: $3.95


Sinister Slices

Broken Bough

by Daniel I. Russell

Published in: Pseudopod

Available from: Pseudopod (free to hear podcast)

The Last Roast

by Eugene Gramelis

Published in: Twisted Tongue Magazine, Issue 16

Available from: Twisted Tongue Magazine

I Came Back

by Eugene Gramelis

Published in: House of Horror, Issue 13

Available from: House of Horror


by David Schembri

Published in: Zero Gravity

Available from: Pill Hill Press


The Facts of Fiction

Australian Horror Movies

by Dr Mark Ryan

Published in:  Directory of Australian and New Zealand Cinema (Free to download for a limited time!)

Available from: World Cinema Directory and  QUT ePrints


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