Sinister Reads ~ August 2010

“Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me.
…Do it again.”

– Morticia Addams

Fear is the key.


Sinister Gatherings

Lee Pletzers will be conducting book signings in Wellington, New Zealand at the Au Contraire Sci-Fi convention on the 29th August, 2010.


Sinister Reads

Dark Corridors of Time
by Keith Williams
Equilibrium Books
ISBN: 9781921456381
RRP: AUD$31.95
Available from:

When light creeps into the shadowy recesses of our past and illuminates what is hiding in the corners, there will be consequences..

In a tiny remote rural town, a man finds a strange object in his yard, an object that appears benign, but its presence will soon have disastrous implications for the entire planet as desperate authorities seek its recovery.

The man is a bitter, disillusioned loner, driven to despair by the life he has lived and the road that fate has set him upon, so, despite not knowing its intent or purpose, he has no hesitation in hiding his mysterious visitor, which seems equally unwilling to be discovered. But as events unfold at an alarming rate and humanity is driven towards the brink of oblivion, the man is sent on an incredible journey as his past, present, future and all that he had believed about his life is torn asunder and his destiny remade. He is forced, unwillingly, to acknowledge the demons from his distant past and to once again face a monstrous horror that reaches out to him from beyond time and space…a horror that he had thought to be long buried.

Pre-order now for a September 2010 release.


The Jack Stein Omnibus (ebook)
by Jay Caselberg
Book View Press
RRP: $12.99 US
Available from: Amazon and The Book View Cafe.

All of the Jack Stein novels collected into one volume for the first time. Wyrnhole, Metal Sky, The Star Tablet and Wall of mirrors, completing the entire story arc in one volume.

“Jay Caselberg is Philip K. Dick gene-spliced with Raymond Chandler” — Stephen Baxter


Souls Along the Meridian
by Bill Congreve
Blade Red Press

ISBN: 9780980578256
RRP: $19.95 AU
Available from: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble and Blade Red Press

Souls Along The Meridian is the latest collection of short fiction
from William J Atheling award-winning Australian dark fiction author
Bill Congreve.

Each story bears Congreve’s hallmark style – dark, prosaic and thought-provoking. From contemporary ghost stories to apocalyptic futures, from a deserted amusement park in an isolated town to the claustrophobic depths of the London Underground to the heat-drenched brutality of the Australian outback. These are tales of things we all hope and fear might just exist, somewhere, far from the safety of our lives.

Souls Along The Meridian is a book of dark futures and dreams. As the title story shows us, it is also a book about staying true to oneself in the face of whatever the world might throw at us.

Prepare to be provoked and entertained.


Spores from Sharnoth and Other Madnesses
by Leigh Blackmore
P’rea Press
RRP: $15.00 AU
Available from: P’rea Press

P’rea Press has issued a 50 copy numbered/limited revised reprint of Leigh Blackmore’s acclaimed weird verse collection Spores from Sharnoth and Other Madnesses (first published in 2008).

The new edition features a differently coloured cover, on glossy stock, updated bibliography, and an extended reviews section. Several of the poems have received revision at Leigh’s hand, making these the definitive texts of these poems.

With a Foreword by US critic and scholar S.T. Joshi, and an introduction by the editors of P’rea Press, Spores from Sharnoth and Other Madnesses is an essential acquistion for enthusiasts of horrific and dark verse.

“Excellent poetry of the weird…If you love Lovecraft and admire formal poetic form and structure, then this professional debut collection must be in your collection!” – Scott Green, author Contemporary Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Poetry

Cost is $15 Aust + post. Overseas, please enquire.
To order, please contact Danny Lovecraft of P’rea Press:


Sinister Slices

A Picture of Death

by Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Published in: Eclecticism #13

Available from: Eclecticism

The Scary Place

by Brett McBean

Published in: Eclecticism #13

Available from: Eclecticism

The Memory of Water

by Andrew J McKiernan

Published in: Eclecticism #13

Available from: Eclecticism

Mixed Blood

by Onil Lad

Published in: Skive Magazine, Vampire$ Issue

Available from: Skive Magazine


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