Sinister Reads – December 2011

New Website for Midnight Echo!

Midnight Echo, the AHWA’s official magazine, now has a new website, a new subscription service and new payment rates for fiction, poetry, non-fiction and artwork

We’ve recently doubled the payment rates from 1c/word to 2c/word, but our aim is to be able to offer 5c/word.We’ll post regular updates to let you know how close we’re getting to our target.

In the meantime, why not have a look around the new website, check out the details for Issue 6, out now, and let us know what you think.


Sinister Reads

Come Into Darkness
eBook Release
by Daniel I. Russell
Skullvines Press

RRP: US$2.99
Available from: Amazon & Barnes and Noble

Mario Fulcinni, young, successful and handsome, has seen it all. In his adult film career, he’s tasted more indulgences than a Roman emperor; the women, the parties, the drugs. Hunting for something more, he attends a party on the promise that it will ‘change his life… forever’.

Chilled to the bone and in the pouring rain, Mario attends Metus House.

A chubby elderly man in an old, crimson blazer emerges. He is Worth, Mario’s guide for the evening.

And the tour begins…

Fall into a twisting nightmare of creatures and contraptions.

Come into Darkness…

 The Noctuary
by Greg Chapman
Damnation Books
ISBN: 978-1615725496
RRP: $USD12.89 (paperback) $USD4.50 (e-book)
Available from: Amazon & Damnation Books
Simon Ryan is Hell’s new scribe…the safety of our souls will depend on his every word.

 Struggling writer Simon Ryan’s life has gone to Hell.

Shadows are pouring into his reality and his words are not his own anymore. He has been chosen to become a scribe for some of the worst creatures of the Underworld–the ones whose sole purpose is to torment human souls–The Dark Muses.

As Simon writes he falls deeper into the abyss and before long he has no sense of what is real. With the help of another scribe, old and mutilated, Simon comes to discover that his writing can mould people and places–that he can write things out of existence.

To become a scribe he has to pass a test and the Muses offer him a chance to rewrite his horrible past. All Simon has to decide is how the story ends.


“Both elegant and visceral, violent and darkly witty, Greg Chapman’s THE NOCTUARY is an insightful look at the processes of creation and the birth of horror. His sinister muse, Meknok, is one of the most intriguing new horror characters since Clive Barker unleashed Pinhead, and indeed THE NOCTUARY is occasionally reminiscent of Barker’s grim beauty, while being very distinctly its own beast. THE NOCTUARY is rich, compelling, and unsettling, and Greg Chapman is obviously a writer in complete possession of his own sinister muse.” 
~Lisa Morton, four-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award and author of The Halloween Encyclopedia

 “Greg Chapman’s THE NOCTUARY is straight from the depths of Hell. Here the past is a very difficult geography. Fresh and original it takes the reader on a frantic ride to regret; and may well provide the nightmares horror fiction often promises, but rarely delivers.” ~Rocky Wood, Bram Stoker nominated author of Horrors! Great Stories of Fear and Their Creators and Stephen King: A Literary Companion

“THE NOCTUARY blends supernatural and real-life horrors quite well.  Kudos to Chapman for dealing with a side-plot of child abuse in a non-exploitative (but still chilling) manner.”
~ Nick Cato, Antibacterial Pope

“I thought it was a deliciously twisted story of desperation, horror, and redemption… Mr. Chapman has a way with words that is akin to other writers that have made my skin crawl, and I mean that in a good way.”
~Must Read Faster


Ho Ho Horror
ed. Steve Rossiter (featuring Cameron Trost and Andrew J. McKiernan–illust.)
The Australian Literature Review
ISBN: 0987124226
RRP: Print AU$9.99 Kindle AU$2.99
Available from Amazon (print and Kindle)

Ho Ho Horror is a collection of eight Christmas horror short stories from both established and emerging writers of horror fiction.

From the terrors of physical danger, to characters at the edge of insanity, unsettlingly disturbed children, poignant psychological horror, and the supernatural, this collection of Christmas horror provides a unique blend of Christmas cheer and Christmas fear.

Ho Ho Horror is a project of The Australian Literature Review (


Rage Against the Night
ed. Shane Jiraiya Cummings
Brimstone Press
ASIN: B006P18LM2
RRP: US$3.99
Available from: Amazon and Smashwords (print edition soon)

Under the onslaught of supernatural evil, the acts of good people can seem insignificant, but a courageous few stand apart. These brave men and women stand up to the darkness, stare it right in the eye, and give it the finger. These are the stories of those who rage against the night, stories of triumph, sacrifice, and bravery in the face of overwhelming evil.

Rage Against the Night features the megastars of dark fantasy and horror—including Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Peter Straub, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, F. Paul Wilson, Jonathan Maberry, Scott Nicholson, Nancy Holder, Sarah Langan, and many, many more.

All proceeds will be donated to Rocky Wood, author and President of the Horror Writers Association, who is battling motor neurone disease.

  • The Gunner’s Love Song—Joe McKinney
  • Keeping Watch—Nate Kenyon
  • Like Part of the Family—Jonathan Maberry
  • The Edge of Seventeen—Alexandra Sokoloff
  • The View from the Top—Bev Vincent
  • Afterward, There Will Be a Hallway—Gary A. Braunbeck
  • Following Marla—John R. Little
  • Magic Numbers—Gene O’Neill
  • Tail the Barney—Stephen M. Irwin
  • The Nightmare Dimension—David Conyers
  • Roadside Memorials—Joseph Nassise
  • Dat Tay Vao—F. Paul Wilson
  • Constitution—Scott Nicholson
  • Mr. Aickman’s Air Rifle—Peter Straub
  • Agatha’s Ghost—Ramsey Campbell
  • Blue Heeler—Weston Ochse
  • Sarah’s Visions—Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • More Than Words—David Niall Wilson
  • Chillers—Lisa Morton
  • Changed—Nancy Holder
  • Dead Air—Gary Kemble
  • Two Fish to Feed the Masses—Daniel G. Keohane
  • Fenstad’s End—Sarah Langan
  • Fair Extension—Stephen King
  • Rocky Wood, Skeleton Killer—Jeff Strand


by Isabelle Rowan
Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-61372-253-4
RRP: US$14.99 (Paperback via Amazon) US$6.99 (Amazon Kindle)
Other formats available at Dreamspinner Press

Roman centurion Dominic drew his last human breath during the time of Hadrian. In the centuries since, he’s seen much of the world change around him, but the vampire finds himself held captive in Melbourne, Australia, by his fascination with young, passionate, fun-loving, and alive tattoo artist Michael Chapman. Unable to resist the lure of Michael’s beauty, Dominic finds himself entering the parlour to get a tattoo he knows will fade.
The attraction he feels only grows, and despite Dominic’s extreme reluctance to get involved with a human, he and Michael form a bond-a connection that all-too-soon attracts the attention of a dark spectre from Dominic’s bloody past. Soon, a dangerous game of cat and mouse threatens not only the budding romance, but also their humanity.


Sinister Slices

Naughty or Nice

by Cameron Trost

Published in: Ho Ho Horror

Available from: The Australian Literature Review

A Cool, Private Place

by Jen White

Published in:  Future Lovecraft

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Dust Devils

by Mike O’ReillyPublished in: Dark River Press

The Inspirational Bird

by Christina Alexander

Published in: The Short Listed stories of the 2011 Elyne Mitchell Rural Women’s Writing Awards


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