Sinister Reads – January 2012

New Website for Midnight Echo!

Midnight Echo, the AHWA’s official magazine, now has a new website, a new subscription service and new payment rates for fiction, poetry, non-fiction and artwork

We’ve recently doubled the payment rates from 1c/word to 2c/word, but our aim is to be able to offer 5c/word.We’ll post regular updates to let you know how close we’re getting to our target.

In the meantime, why not have a look around the new website, check out the details for Issue 6, out now, and let us know what you think.


Sinister Reads

April Fool and Other Antiopodean Horror Stories

eBook Release
by Tracie McBride and John Irvine
Dark Continents Publishing

RRP: US$2.99
Available from: Amazon

A novella-length sampler of horror short stories from Aussie/Kiwi authors Tracie McBride and John Irvine.

 Neighbourhood Jungle
  by Brett McBean. Including bonus stories from Kealan Patrick Burke & R. Frederick Hamilton

Tasmaniac Publications

ISBN: 9780987194909

RRP: $$14.00 USDLimited to: 180 signed & numbered soft cover copies.
Available from: Ellison Hawker

Order through the publisher for free postage in Australia:

US Orders through Badmoon Books

Six months have passed since the arrival of the New World. A world plunged into primitive living overnight.

Within this wild and dangerous landscape live two types of survivors: those attempting to restore civilisation, a sense of order and normalcy; and those who have embraced the jungle, governed by new rules, doing anything to survive.

For the group living in the remains of a supermarket – now a make-shift hospital and refuge – their attempts of a safe, ordered life has so far been successful. There’s an adequate supply of food, with injuries and maladies being treated as best as possible by the local doctor. Their main concern is the gang living in the ruined Blockbuster across the river. As wild and untamed as the jungle that has taken over the once-thriving suburban shopping strip, the gang kidnap and murder at will, hanging what remains of the dead from a nearby fast-food sign.

So far they’ve left the small community alone, but it’s only a matter of time before the gang’s blood lust brings forth a deadly confrontation.

In the jungle, only the fittest survive. Welcome to the neighbourhood.


Sinister Slices

Symbols of Damnation

by Tracie McBride

Published in: Phobophobia

Available from: Dark Continents


Bad Thoughts and The Mechanism

by Richard Harland

Published in: GHOSTS BY GASLIGHT, HarperCollins anthology ed. Dann & Givens


At the Top Of the Stairs

by Richard Harland

Publication: Shadows & Tall Trees #2


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