Sinister Reads – April 2012

New Website for Midnight Echo!

Midnight Echo, the AHWA’s official magazine, now has a new website, a new subscription service and new payment rates for fiction, poetry, non-fiction and artwork

Have a look around the new website, check out Issue 7 now available for pre-order!

New increased pay rates as of Issue 8; 3c/word to 5000 words.


Sinister Reads

Surviving The EndSurviving the End

Edited by Craig Bezant.

Contributors: Jonathan Maberry, Joseph D’Lacey, Jason Nahrung, Martin Livings, Amanda J Spedding, Kathryn Hore, Michael Bailey, and Ashlee Scheuerman

Published by: Dark Prints Press
ISBN no.: 978-0-9871976-1-0
RRP: AUD$24.95
Release date: late April 2012 – Pre-order now

Dark Prints Press presents its first horror anthology:

Imagine the world has ended, that all but a small portion of Earth’s population has been wiped out.

You have never had time to find out why.

Your energy is spent on surviving – skewed weather patterns, crumbling buildings, starving creatures, and humans mercilessly hunting their own kind. You left the confines of your home long ago, alone, searching for remaining shreds of humanity.

Then, one day, you finally stumble upon a small group of survivors who wish you no harm. They have something to share with you. Something to help you survive. Stories, modern fables, of how to avoid the nightmares you hadn’t even considered.

These stories and more, from across the world, are collected within these pages, told by survivors just like you, to help with ‘Surviving the End’.


The One That Got AwayThe One That Got Away

Edited by Craig Bezant.

Contributors: Lawrence Block, Chris Simms, Will Elliott, Vanessa Skye, Zane Lovitt, Deborah Sheldon, Kathryn Hore, Alan Baxter, Cameron Ashley, Brian G Ross, Andrew Nette, and Brooke Maggs

Publisher: Dark Prints Press 

ISBN no.: 978-0-9871976-0-3

RRP: AUD$24.95

Release date:  OUT NOW

Dark Prints Press presents its first dark crime anthology:

Too often our crime-solving heroes do just that – solve crimes. But what about the ones who get away – the grifters who con and don’t get caught, the criminals who play cat-and-mouse games with the law only to disappear into the unknown? What goes through their minds, or the minds of their victims and pursuers? What legends do they leave behind, both inspirational and terrifying?


Ian Foster-Adrian Scott_RevengeRevenge
by Adrian Scott

Published by Rebecca J Vickery

Digital ISBN: 9781476176253

Print ISBN-13: 978-1475209372 Print ISBN-10: 1475209371

RRP: $US2.99

Release date: 2.4.2012

The Collector - coverThe Collector Book 1: Mana Leak
Illustrators: James Powell, Druscilla Morgan
ISBN no.: 9780983160380
RRP: $18.99

Release date: 1st May 2012

Penny Crescent. One street. Three houses. Three families. Countless disputes.

Physics teacher Frank Harper educates with his fists behind closed doors. Jenny Dean can barely control her wayward teenage sons and Eleanor McQuire, the old mystic, is happy with her books and visiting grandson.

For one night, the residents of Penny Crescent must put their differences aside. Death is coming.

Some call him the man in black. Others call him the Devil. He is The Collector, and the three families have something he wants…

And he’ll go to any length to get it.


Sinister Slices

The Flames of Anergos

by Cameron Trost

Published in: Blue Dingo Press, vol. 3 – Horror

Available from: Blue Dingo Press

Sayuri’s Revenge

by Helen Stubbs

Published in: Tales From The Bell Club
Available on Amazon

Autumn as Metaphor

by G. N. Braun

Published in: Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology

White Lines, White Crosses

by Andrew J McKiernan

White crosses line the roadside, sad reminders of the teenagers who’ve died pushing their cars to the limit in search of excitement and release from small-town boredom. But nothing can prepare the new kid from the city for the twisted hero worship that has grown up around these simple memorials to the dead.

Published in: Night Terrors Anthology, edited by Karen Henderson – Kayelle Press

The Final Degustation of Doctor Ernest Blenheim

by Andrew J McKiernan

Doctor Christopher Evans has been caught out by the Hospital Board and given an ultimatum. Either work with the hospital’s founder and biggest donor, Doctor Ernest Blenheim, or they’ll go to the media with everything they have. But when Evans meets Blenheim and is forced into satisfying the bloated old man’s grusome fetishes, Chris is no longer sure that he’s made the right choice.

Published in: Midnight Echo #7 – The Taboo Issue, edited by Daniel I Russell – AHWA


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