Sinister Reads – June 2012

New Website for Midnight Echo!

Midnight Echo, the AHWA’s official magazine, now has a new website, a new subscription service and new payment rates for fiction, poetry, non-fiction and artwork

Have a look around the new website, check out Issue 7 now available!

New increased pay rates as of Issue 8; 3c/word to 5000 words.


Sinister Reads

Witch Hunts - CoverWitch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times

Rocky Wood, Lisa Morton (authors) and Greg Chapman (illustrator)

Published by: McFarland and Company Incorporated, Publishers
ISBN no.: 978-0786466559
RRP: US$$17.99

Release date: May, 2012

Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times

For nearly three centuries, as the Black Death rampaged through Europe and the Reformation tore the Church apart, tens of thousands were arrested as witches and subjected to trial, torture, and execution, including being burned alive. This graphic novel examines the background; the methods of the witch hunters; who stood to profit; the brave few who protested; and how the trials finally faded as Enlightenment replaced fear and superstition with reason and science. The book examines famed witch hunters Heinrich Kramer, architect of the infamous Malleus Maleficarum; Matthew Hopkins, England’s notorious “Witchfinder General”; King James I, supposedly the target of assassination by a Scottish coven; the Salem Witch Trials; and the last witch trials and executions in Europe.

Table of Contents:

  1. Before the Trials
  2. The Trials Begin
  3. The First Witch-hunter
  4. The Contagion Spreads
  5. Joan of Arc
  6. The Trials in Arras
  7. The Hammer of Witches
  8. Witchcraft and the Reformation
  9. The Trials in Wurzberg
  10. King James and the North Berwick Trials
  11. Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder-General
  12. The Salem Witch Trials
  13. The Frenzy Fades

The book runs 185 pages, and also includes a bibliography.


Hoffman's Creeper and Other Disturbing TalesHoffman’s Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales

By  Cameron Trost

Publisher: Self Published

ISBN no.: 1468073338   ISBN-13: 978-1468073331

RRP: US$9.95

Release date: 2 May 2012

Buy your copy here:

Hoffman’s Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales…

 A businessman staying in a Scottish manor makes the mistake of deciding to spend the evening in the library. A few unpopular teenage girls use witchcraft to pursue their aims. A rich banking tycoon has forgotten his university days when he and his friends dared to imagine a world ruled by social justice and working class ideals. The estranged family of a deceased aristocrat bicker over their inheritance. A botanist’s love for his plants is unnaturally deep-rooted. “Hoffman’s Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales” is the first short story collection from Cameron Trost. It plunges the reader into a world of mystery, suspense, obsession and greed. From the Scottish highlands and the jagged peaks of the Pyrénées to the streets of Brisbane and the Australian countryside, Cameron Trost provokes the reader by ensnaring recognisable characters in disturbingly plausible situations. His writing seeks to entertain while exploring the absurdities and peculiarities of society and the human mind.


Sinister Slices

The Long Ago

by Amanda J. Spedding

Published in: Surviving The End Anthology

Available from: Darkprints Press


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