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Sinister Reads fell into a dark crack, an opening into hell, but with some effort from the AHWA committee, we’ve pulled it out, and here is the first of our new releases.  Follow this and start receiving monthly updates of publications.

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Sinister Reads


The Land of Bad Dreams

Kyla Lee Ward

Publisher: P’rea Press

ISBN no.: 9780980462579

RRP: $18Australian – less 10% for AHWA members, less 15% for
AHWA who purchase 2 or more books, postage not included

Release date: September 2011

The poems of Kyla Lee Ward in her first collection The Land of Bad Dreams propel readers towards old and new vistas of pandemonium. They wage war against age-old human fears and terrors, and sometimes win.

Can be ordered through P’rea Press,, via email directly, via Notions Unlimited Bookshop, http:// and other bookshops


Gateway to Hell

Adrian Scott

Publisher:  Rebecca J Vickery

ISBN-13: 978-1478224655

Release Date: August, 2012

Set in post-Civil War America, Richard and Donna Hanniger purchase an old house and tear it down to have a new house built on the block. But an old tree in the front yard remains, where it is said, an old negro who killed two little boys hung himself fifty years before the war. But there is a dark secret behind the story, a secret involving the whole town in which the Hannigers live. Will removing the tree open the gateway to Hades itself, or will it reveal something far more sinister?



Jason Nahrung

Publisher: Twelfth Planet Press

ISBN no.: 978-0-9804841-9-9

RRP: $15

Release Date: June, 2012

Seeking to salvage their foundering marriage, Melanie and Richard retreat to an isolated beach house on a remote Queensland island.  Intrigued by a chance encounter with a stranger, Melanie begins to drift away from her husband and towards Helena, only to discover that Helena has her own demons, ageless and steeped in blood.

As Richard’s world and Helena’s collide, Melanie must choose which future she wants, before the dark tide pulls her under … forever.


Bloody Waters

Jason Franks

Publisher: Possible Press

ISBN no.: 978-0-9808135-2-4

RRP: $4.99 USD

Release date: October 24, 2012

Available here

“This book is like Scott Pilgrim meeting Spinal Tap and Buffy in a cage match.”  Jason Fischer.

Can the Devil be any less trustworthy than a record executive?

Young guitar virtuoso Clarice Marnier is on the verge of success when she crosses the wrong A&R man.  Suddenly, instead of being signed to the major label that has been courting her, she finds herself blacklisted across the industry.

So Clarice makes a different kind of deal with the Devil; one that will give her a second chance at the expense of the enemy who cost her the first one.

Soon Clarice and her band, Bloody Waters, are on their way to stardom… but it’s not an easy road.  Clarice feuds with a disgruntled diva; busybody Wiccans lay a curse on the band; a has-been guitar hero wants to compete for the ‘Guitar Mojo’; a succubus popstar wants Clarice to play on her record.  And then things really start to get dangerous.

Cracking the Top 10 is one thing; gunfights with the Vatican Mafia and magical duels with a killer DJ are quite another.

Sooner or later Clarice is going to have to confront the Devil himself – the only question is whether she’ll be alive or dead when it happens.


Beneath a Cold Moon

Keith Williams

Publisher: Equilibrium Books

ISBN no.: 978-1-921456-72-5

RRP: $31.95AU

Release date: July 2012


Arcadian Genesis

Greig Beck

Publisher: Pan Macmillan – Momentum

ISBN no.: 9781743340820

RRP: $A2.99

Release date: Sep 1, 2012

An aeon ago it crashed into the frozen earth. Millennia later it was removed from the icy
soil, still functioning. They opened it … they shouldn’t have.

No. #1 – Apple iBook Charts for Action/Adventure.
Top #20 – Amazon Action/Adventure List.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading a Greig Beck book yet, I highly recommend you do. He knows how to write a thrilling action/adventure novel and easily holds his own against today’s top writers in the genre.   Speed-of-Write.

“What a delight it is to see top sci-fi / horror coming out of this fair city” — The Daily Telegraph


A Vampire’s Tale

Society of Vampires Volume I

Adrian Scott

Illustrator: Laura Shinn

Publisher:  Rebecca J Vickery

ISBN no.: 9781301786169

Release date: 2 October 2012

A journalist is sent to investigate the mysterious death of a man in Summer Hill, New South Wales, Australia, meets and falls in love with a female vampire. The story moves to Paris, France, where the couple and their daughter are taken in by the powerful vampire Lord Tarkus, Permanent Overlord of the Society of Vampires, an organization established to oversee the safety and welfare of vampires entering Paris.  The novel sets the scene for a further fifteen novels in the series.



Greg Chapman

Publisher: Dark Prints Press

eISBN no.: 9780987197641

RRP: $AUD3.99

Release date: 20/7/2012

Young Anthony Moore is desperate to discover the truth about his father’s death. In Keaton Woods, the truth is waiting for him, held by vengeful demons. “The All-American Travelling Troubadours” have a dark story to perform – all they need is an audience of four young souls. Anthony is about to discover just what he is willing to sacrifice in order to seek answers.

Vaudeville is a coming-of-age horror tale, touching on themes of grief, loneliness and the darkest days of the American Civil War, from one of dark fiction’s rising stars, Greg Chapman.




Martin Livings

Publisher: Dark Prints Press

ISBN no.: 9780987197658

RRP: AU$3.99

Release date: July 20th 2012

Explore the dark side of history with this mesmerising fictional (yet vividly real) story of Fremantle Prison’s hangman. It all begins with a rope, threads of darkening fibre that soon consume their maker… After 44 lives are taken, there is just one more to claim.

If you are a fan of dark fiction master Martin Livings, you won’t want to miss this emotionally powerful title!


Rope – Book Review



          Living with the Dead

Martin Livings

Publisher: Dark Prints Press

ISBN no.: None yet

RRP: AU$24.99

From the twisted mind that brought you the novel Carnies come twenty-three tales to shock, terrify and perhaps even touch your heart.

Celebrate twenty years of horror short fiction from esteemed author Martin Livings, with the very best of his award-winning work and three never-before-published stories.

Find out why Martin Livings is regarded as one of Australia’s best in the genre. But be warned: it won’t take long to become immersed in the tales, and once yyou are, you too will find yourself living with the dead.


Sinister Slices


Mornington Ride

by Jason Nahrung

Published in Epilogue

Available from Fablecroft


Last Boat to Eden

by Jason Nahrung

Published in Surviving the End

Available from Dark Prints Press


“Be Practical” and “Ted’s Souls”

by Damian Perry

Published in Alfie Books online ebooks.


Duck Creek Road

by Stacey Larner

Published in Bloody Parchment: Hidden Things, Lost Things and other stories.


The Weight of Sin

by Gerry Huntman

Published in Blood Moon Rising Magazine


Old Mabel’s Stray Cat

by Cameron Trost

Published in FEAR: A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror, vol. 1



by Kyla Lee Ward

Published in Avatars of Wizardry

It is suggested that one woman’s 1,818 word short story may indeed be another’s epic in unrhymed
iambic pentameter

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