Sinister Reads – March 2013

Sinister Reads

Hope everyone sunk their teeth into some tender bunnies this Easter.  Ummm… I mean the chocolate kind.  Or do I?

This month we announce the 2012 Australian Shadow Awards Finalists and we have a great new Creative Retreat coming up.

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Sinister Happenings


2012 Australian Shadows Awards

The Australian Horror Writers Association is pleased to announce the finalists of the 2012 Australian Shadows Awards. The Shadows are awarded to the stories and collections that best typify the horror genre, delivering a sense of ‘creeping dread’, leaving the reader with chills and a reluctance to turn out the light.

Congratulations to the finalists, selected by a panel of judges, each an authority on the horror genre.

The Corpse Rat King – Lee Battersby
Perfections – Kirstyn McDermott
Blood and Dust – Jason Nahrung

Critique – Daniel I Russell
Escena de un Asesinato–Robert Hood
Sky – Kaaron Warren

Bread and Circuses – Felicity Dowker
Through Splintered Walls- Kaaron Warren

To Wish on a Clockwork Heart – Felicity Dowker
Pigroot Flat – Jason Fischer
Birthday Suit – Martin Livings
They Don’t Know That We Know What They Know – Andrew J McKiernan
Creek – Kaaron Warren
Mountain – Kaaron Warren
Road – Kaaron Warren
A Monstrous Touch – Marty Young

Surviving the End – Craig Bezant
Cthulu Unbound 3 – David Conyers (co-edited Brian M. Sammons)
The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2011 – Liz Grzyb & Talie Helene


AHWA Creative Retreat

The Australian Horror Writers Association run three-day/two-night stays at haunted locations for writers, editors, artists, photographers, film makers and any other creative-type people.

They involve having the days to create and the nights to investigate how to be scared stiff.

Upcoming Event:

Mayday Hills Asylum Creative Retreat

Beechworth’s Mayday Hills Asylum was one of the largest institutions in Victoria. Opened in 1867 (the same year as Aradale), this building also housed thousands of people described as ‘lunatics’, ‘idiots’ and ‘imbeciles’. Closing in 1995 after 128 years of operation, this site is considered one of the most haunted locations in Australia. At its height, Mayday Hills consisted of 67 buildings and was home to over 1200 patients and 500 staff.

As you spend three days and two nights in the facility, you will be able to explore the cold and deserted buildings of what was once a notorious and feared institution in Victoria . Spend the days writing, drawing, filming or photographing the beautiful architecture, and spend the nights scared stiff in the haunted buildings.

Cost: TBA

Keep an eye on the AHWA website and Facebook page for further details as they are arranged.


Sinister Reads


The Marching Dead

The Marching Dead

Lee Battersby

Illustrator:  Cover by Nick Castle, Nick Castle Design

Publisher: Angry Robot Books

ISBN no.: 9780857662897

RRP (Please specify currency):  £8.99

Release date:  4 April 2013

Avalaible here.

Found the dead a King, saves himself, won the love of his life, lived happily ever after. No wonder Marius dos Helles is bored. But now something has stopped the dead from, well, dying. It’s up to Marius, Gerd, and Gerd’s not-dead-enough Granny to journey across the continent and put the dead back in the afterlife where they belong.

Launch party and signing

Stefen’s Books
8 Shafto LanePerth 6000
**2pm, Saturday 6th April**

Read Reviews here and here.



Ungenred – Graphic Novel (short story collection)

Jason Franks

Illustrator: Bruce Mutard, J. Marc Schmidt, Ed Siemienkowicz, Joe Pimienta, Renan L’Hopsum, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Nicholas Hunter, Bobby N., Jason Franks

Publisher: Black House Comics

ISBN.: 978-1-921872-25-9

RRP: $19.96 AUD

Release date: March 4th 2013

Avalaible here.

UNGENRED collects Jason Franks’ mainstream short comics. Autobiography, comedy, travel, biography, allegory, social realism, tall tales, period drama–you never know what will be on the next page. Might even be some talking robots.

“A perfect example of how different one story can be from the next. The stories vary from simple slice-of-life fare to the kind that leave you deep in thought.” –LO FI  Magazine

“Meat on the bone commentary and enough irreverence to have even the most cynical sit up and take notice.”– Scaryminds


Sinister Slices


The Whipping Tree

by Pete Aldin

Published in Niteblade



by Amy Cornelius

Published in Voluted Tales 



by Brian G Ross

Published in Dark Prints Press – novella series

To be published April 15th.


Sinister Supremecy



Aurealis Award

Jason Franks nominated for

Bloody Waters

Category: Horror Novel


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