Sinister Reads – November 2013

Sinister Reads

A shout out to our Movember Man of the Month: Cameron Trost. Check out his Movember style here

Have a great Christmas all – hope Santa brings you a few horrific reads to sink your teeth into. Catch y’all in 2014!

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Sinister Happenings


Introducing:   Hidden Reads

Hidden Reads – For those that love to read, those that love to write, and those just looking for something a little different. 

Hidden Reads is calling for:

  • Readers of all genres
  • Self-published authors
  • Article Writers
  • Bloggers

What is Hidden Reads?

Hidden Reads3

Hidden Reads is a place to find amazing novels, novellas, short stories, collections, etc that have been published by Indie writers, as well as great article writers and fantastic blogs. The purpose of Hidden Reads is to help self-published authors and those just trying to get themselves out there to find readers and to help readers find great new authors. Hidden Reads will be open worldwide for any works written in English though at least 90% will be Australian authors. ALL genres will be covered. Since inception just 10 days ago, we have gathered more than 90 followers so please, join us!

Awesome! How do I?

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Porle Joen GCertArts
– Hidden Reads Manager
– Sinister Reads Project Manager


Horror Network Australia

Horror Network Australia seeks to keep you, the horror fan, informed about all that is going in Australia within the horror genre.
Events, conventions, attractions, publishers, businesses, author tours and signings, film releases – you name it, we list it.
  • Film, magazine, and book releases will be posted in the main timeline, as will announcements about any other horror-based news item.
  • Businesses and other ongoing concerns will be under the static pages, as will horror events throughout Australia.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blog posts for all the latest news.

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Geoff Brown Dip. PWE
Editor-in-Chief – Cohesion Press
Editor/Columnist/Reviewer – This is Horror (UK)

Sinister Reminders



525494_527850573921771_741873733_nInside Aradale Lunatic Asylum257474-aradaleIMG_1587

Aradale Lunatic Asylum, Ararat, Victoria
  • From 2pm Friday 7th February until 2pm Sunday 9th February.
  • Staying in the facility itself.
  • Fully catered.

NOTE: Non-creatives can attend, and can just EXPLORE AND GHOST HUNT THE WHOLE WEEKEND.

Writers, editors, publishers, artists, photographers, designers, creative types, and paranormal investigators will spend a weekend in southern Australia, tucked away in a large, historical, abandoned asylum that is very haunted, hosted by Cohesion Editing and Proofreading. They’ll be blogging and creating based on inspiration from their experiences.

Aradale is the largest abandoned lunatic asylum left untouched in Australia. Over 63 buildings spread out over acres of grounds, this asylum is like nowhere else in the country.

The atmosphere is amazing.

There will be writing workshops run by the fabulous Kaaron Warren, multi-award-winning author and Australian literary legend.

  • Beds and mattresses are supplied in the old medical offices.
  • A mobile coolroom will be on-site.
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and drinks (non-alcoholic) are all part of the package.

The weekend will be full of writing, creating, exploring, and paranormal investigations.

The Australian Paranormal Society will run a talk on paranormal investigations on the Saturday afternoon, prior to the investigation we can all take part in on Saturday night.

Friday 7th, we will have a BBQ dinner/sausage sizzle (vegetarian options available) with live entertainment by Bendigo musician Chris Morley, followed by ghost tour of the facility at 8.30pm.

More information HERE


AHWA Members Critique Groups

Don’t forget about out short story critique group and the writer’s workshop that is open to all members of the AHWA.  That’s right – novels, novellas, short stories – all are invited to participate.  Membership to both groups is open to members of the AHWA by invitation only.

If you are interested in taking part in either of these two groups, you need to join the AHWA today, and check out all the other exciting opportunities, you as an author, are currently missing out on.  There are tips on writing, how to get published, competitions, group forums and so much more.

Check out the Australian Horror Writer’s Association web-site today and become a member.


The Australia Shadow Awards
– 2014 Submissions Open!

The Australian Shadows are the annual literary awards presented by the AHWA and judged on the overall effect – the skill, delivery, and lasting resonance – of horror fiction written or edited by an Australian.

Winners of the Awards receive a hand crafted trophy from the masters of the horror special effects industry, Nightshade FX.

The awards are open to submission of any horror fiction published (or anthologies edited) by an Australian/New Zealand/Oceania resident or citizen in the 2013 calendar year—submissions until February 28th 2014.

Past winners of the Shadows include a who’s who of Australian Horror Writers; Lee Battersby, Terry Dowling, Paul Haines, Brett McBean, Kirstyn McDermott, Bob Franklin, Kaaron Waaren, Will Elliott, Deborah Biancotti, Amanda Spedding.

From 2011, the award has five categories: NovelLong Fiction (novellas and novelettes); Short Fiction (short stories); Collection (single author collections); and Edited Publication (anthologies and magazine issues).

Shortlists for each category will be determined by a panel of judges . The shortlisted finalists are announced in March/April every year.

Read the Award Entry Guidelines to find out how to enter works for consideration.

Follow regular updates on the Australian Shadows Awards Facebook page.


Sinister Reads


TDMCOVERThe Damning Moths

Ashlee Scheuerman

Illustrator: Ty Scheuerman

Publisher:  World Ender

ISBN no.: 978-0-9873489-0-6

RRP:  $24.99 AUD

Release date:  13 November, 2013

Available here and Amazon.

Three-thousand years and two-hundred days ago, the last of the elder gods went to die.

The lands of Faerie are falling into decline. Magic weakens with each generation. Rumours of a fourth magus war overshadow the ongoing murders in Belfew.

Adhering to traditions they no longer understand, the corrupt Council will still recognise the bearer of the crown of white moths as their High Priestess. If they allow her to survive.

Lacilegwen knows she made too many enemies. She flees Belfew before Ynnis and the Council can assassinate her for her renegade beliefs.

To restore the balance of power and subvert a war, she must bring back one of the elder gods. But some gods should remain dead, and others never really left.


The Grave cover

The Grave

Russ Watts

Publisher:  Severed Press

ISBN no.: 1925047393

RRP:  USD $11.94 Paperback / USD $3.99 ebook

Release date:  16 NOV 2013

Available from Amazon here (USA) and here (UK).

In the year 2189 vast swathes of the planet have been left uninhabitable. The world’s governments sent anyone infected to be quarantined on an island known as The Grave, cut off from humanity and isolated from the rest of Earth’s population forever. Leading a team of explorers and scientists from New York’s Museum of Natural History to the Antarctic, Will Forrest and Dr Kelly

Munroe soon find themselves in a desperate struggle to survive when their plane crashes on The Grave.

Against an inhospitable terrain and with thousands of infected intent on eating them alive, will they get off the island and expose the horrifying truth that lies behind…The Grave?


2013_11_23_frontValkeryn 2

Greig Beck

Publisher:  Cohesion Press

ISBN no.: 978-0992333959

RRP:  eBook – $6.99 |
Print – AU$24.99/US$16.99

Release date:  November 22nd 2013

Available from Amazon in hard-copy here or e-book here. Available direct from Cohesion Press here.

 The wolf lives inside us all.

The future does not belong to us anymore. The mighty Wolfen of Valkeryn, descendants of the canines of the era of man, have ruled for many millennia. But now their kingdom has fallen to the monstrous hordes and the remaining Wolfen scattered.

Arnold ‘Arn’ Singer, a youth from the past and perhaps the last human being alive on the planet, finds himself cast into this maelstrom of chaos and horror. 
He seeks answers to the missing Ancients – mankind itself.
 But back in his time the world continues to destabilize. The portal through which he fell is destroying the planet. The portal must be closed. Arn holds the key, and our world and its future is at stake.

Colonel Marion Briggs leads a team of Special Operations soldiers into the distant future, fully armed and with one order – bring back Arn or his body.

But there are more dangers in this strange and beautiful world than anyone knew. More horrors dwell in the deep jungles, below the inland seas and deep below the earth. There are things that can change the shape of two worlds, tear at sanity, and stretch friendships and loves to the limit.

Valkeryn is an epic adventure that spans worlds and time itself. Any reviews relative to the publication.


“… mixed in fantasy with hard, biological, and evolutionary science. Beck has yet again created fast-paced, literary escape that I just couldn’t put down.” – Frontlaven Book Reviews (



Tim Hawken

Publisher:  Rethink Press

ISBN no.: 1781330875

RRP:  $24.95AUD, $21.99USD

Release date:  November 11th 2013

Available from Amazon here.


“Sitting in the war-rooms at Casa Diablo, my closest allies surrounded me. Could I trust them all?” Finally reunited with his love Charlotte, Michael has taken control of Hell. Yet the insane god Asmodeus still rules Heaven, and the division between realms continues to oppress the lost souls of the afterlife. With the help of his wife and friends, Michael’s aim is to create true freedom for all, ending Asmodeus’ tyrannous reign. However, the chance of betrayal by someone close within his fold weighs heavily on Michael’s mind, as does the burning question that not even the all-knowing Perceptionist can answer: How do you kill the unkillable? Deicide is the stunning conclusion of Tim Hawken’s Hellbound trilogy.

Read a recent Review here.

*** To celebrate the release, Tim is giving away the first two titles for FREE on Kindle, from Dec 9th till Dec 13th (USA time).

Get you free copies here:



Midnight Echo Issue 9

EDITOR – Geoff Brown aka GN Braun

Illustrator: Mel Gannon (cover/internal), Greg Chapman (internal)

Publisher: Australian Horror Writers Association

RRP: $12.50 print/$2.99 Kindle, ePub, PDF

Release date: 31 May

Available here.

** Midnight Echo Issue 10 is scheduled for release on December 29. Pre-order here.


Sinister Slices


The Oldest Profession

by Tracie McBride

Published in Horror Library Vol 5


The Antique Clock

by Cameron Trost

Published in Thirteen Magazine #3


Sinister Superstars


Andrew J McKiernan has sold print and e-book rights to editor Stephen Ormsby at Satalyte Publishing for both a collection of short stories and a crime novel, to be published in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Current details as they are known are:

Short Story Collection: A Prayer for Lazarus & Other Strange Offerings

Release date: 2nd half of 2014

A genre-blending mix of horror, fantasy, science-fiction and magic realism, including the multi-award nominated tales “All the Clowns in Clowntown” and “The Message” and 14 other short stories and novelettes, 2 of them new and unique to the collection.

Novel: A Quiet Place

Release date: 2015

A young man drives north out of the city with a bag that is not his. He knows they’ll be looking for him, looking for the bag, and he needs to find a quiet town to lay low.

Robert ‘Egg’ Eckmann is an ex-cop with problems. Blackmailed into private work, he sets out to recover his boss’s money. Egg knows others will be after the money too, dangerous people, and it’s in Egg’s and the thief’s best interest that he get to it first.

Sgt. Bill Gilroy runs the small town of Windurra. He doesn’t like strangers in his town, especially strangers who might be hiding something. He doesn’t need that sort of trouble, because Sgt. Bill has secrets of his own. Dark secrets, and he’d like to keep them that way.

Congratulations Andrew and we look forward to seeing the published works advertised again on the Sinister Reads Blog in the future.


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