Sinister Reads – April 2014

Welcome to the April, 2014 edition of Sinister Reads. Variety is the spook of life so enjoy the haunted selection we have for you this month.

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Sinister Reads



By Martin Livings

Publisher:  Cohesion Press

ISBN no.:  9780992502355 ; ASIN: B00JPFB0QO

RRP: US$4.99 and AU$4.99 ebook / AU$24.99 and US$16.99 print

Release date: April 14 ebook/April 30 print version

Ebook available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon AU and Smashwords.
Find out more about Cohesion Press here.

The small town of Tillbrook has a secret. One that has been kept for over a hundred years.
Journalist David Hampden needs a good story to resurrect his flagging career.
His damaged brother, Paul, just needs to find some meaning for his life.
When David is alerted to a century-old carnival, the idea of a feature story is too good to pass up, so he drags Paul along to Tillbrook to act as his photographer.
What they find is darker than they could ever imagine.
Paul becomes part of the exotic world of the Dervish Carnival, est. 1899, and David must risk everything to save his brother.
Even though Paul might not want to be saved.
Come on in, and enjoy the show.
No photos allowed.

Read reviews here.

Awards for Carnies by Martin Livings:

  • Tin Duck award, Best WA Professional Long Work 2007
  • Nominated for Ditmar award, Best Novel 2007
  • Shortlisted for Aurealis Awards, Best Horror Novel 2007


Australian HauntingsAustralian Hauntings

By James Doig (Editor)

Publisher:  Borgo Press

ISBN no.: 978-1-4794-0153-6

RRP: US$15.99

Release date: February 2014

Available here.

Twenty stories of horror and the supernatural published between 1890 and 1939.  These tales show how the traditional Gothic form was transposed to a new, alien environment – Australia.  The outback, the desert, the bush are imbued with strange forces and beings that European colonists must fathom and overcome.  They struggle to cope with the harsh landscape and climate, and are frequently claimed by it.  The land itself seems almost a malignant force that exacts a terrible revenge on those who challenge it or wander thoughtlessly into its desert wastes.


melbourne haunted tour AppMelbourne Haunted Tour

By Brett Hiatt

Publisher: Sutro Media

RRP: .99c AUD

Release date: Available now on iTunes and Android Google Play Store.

Melbourne, Australia is a multicultural city of 4 million. Melbourne’s high standing in the world of arts, theatre, restaurants and people have her consistently voted one of the world’s most livable cities.

Yet peel back a layer of Melbourne’s skin and you will find a chilling river of terror flowing through her veins. Haunted pubs and a murderous past, ghostly apparitions and poltergeists are all waiting to be explored here.

Or delve deeper, if you dare, where the darkness is real…black magic, witches covens, satanic worship and contacting the dead all lurk amongst Melbourne’s daily life.

The doorway to this world is this App – Melbourne Haunted Tour – Enjoy…but watch where it takes you.

Sinister Slices


by Gerry Huntman

Published in Sword and Sorcery Magazine (FREE ezine!)


The Sea Witch

by Gerry Huntman

Published in What Lies Beneath (anthology)


Darkness in the Mountain of Light

by Gerry Huntman

Published in What Lies Beneath (anthology)


The Preservation Society

by Jason Nahrung

Published in Dimension6



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