Sinister Reads – June 2014

Half the year has drifted away but Sinister Reads is not going anywhere! Enjoy the June 2014 edition.

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Sinister Happenings

Satalyte Publishing Joint Book Launch – Courtesy of M.R. Cosby (Dying Embers)

On Saturday, June 28, two of our talented AHWA members launched their respective anthologies with Satalyte Publishing. Hopefully, some of you were there to help celebrate. Martin Cosby has kindly shared some photos from the event. Check out more about their publications in the Sinister Read section below.

M.R. Cosby – Dying Embers

Andrew J. McKiernan – Last Year, When We Were Young

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Sinister Reminders

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Sinister Reads


Dying Embers

Introduction by James Everington (author of Falling Over)

Author: M.R. Cosby

Publisher: Satalyte Publishing

ISBN no.:  978-0-9924601-8-1 (Paperback) 978-0-9924601-9-8 (eBook)

RRP:  $24.95 AU (paperback) $3.99 (Kindle)

Release date: 28 April 2014

Available from Amazon AU, Amazon UK, Amazon US.

Welcome to a world hidden behind the everyday. M.R. Cosby’s first collection, these stories of urban strangeness explore what goes on within the dying embers of the fire, once the heat has almost gone. An historic building holds a terrible secret from Letherby’s youth. A passenger on an international flight finds out that he is not master of his own destiny. Rural Australia proves less welcoming than Preston had hoped, forcing him to confront his past. Pocock witnesses something calamitous on a river bank, which changes the course of his life. A network of warehouses provides for a remarkable transformation. An ill-fated property search leads to a strange form of retribution, and ultimately to a terrifying reunion.


In these beguiling tales lie time-bombs, ticking away, marking temporal space between the caustic effects of events past and the slow, fateful reconnections of victims and malefactors. M.R. Cosby establishes through beguiling prose a sense of approaching atonement for a sin undeclared or unconsciously committed and in some way address the ubiquitous injustices that plague our everyday lives.

The Next Terrace and Playing Tag, the opening tales in M R Cosby’s marvelous first effort, deal with such fateful entwinements and a slowly revealed encounter within seemingly innocuous surrounds – a grandparents’ home, a National Trust property. Seduced, the reader climbs on board the ‘ghost train’ and the fun begins.

Necessary Procedure captured me immediately and had me reading at a frenetic pace to know the mystery of Banner’s strange imprisonment. It reminded me of an excellent Hammer House of Horror or Twilight Zone script; the description of the odd internment was effectively lurid and conjured all manner of disquieted reactions in this reader. I thought the denouement simply marvelous. The same can be said about In Transit, a thoroughly engaging tale that prognosticates something dark about a journey’s end. Both are marvelous tales that draw one into a world where the habitual fabric of time and space are gradually worn down and a new veil lifted.

The moment I became convinced that there was something nasty at the back of Unit 6 I was hooked. Again I loved the presiding movement towards the throbbing dark heart of the tale.

The Source of the Lea is a sweet, haunting story about a life spent in limbo. Again, it echoes the corrosive lives and loves that pervade our world and attack us; the guilt that pushes us towards the shadows.

The dark Lovecraftian horror that deliciously weaves its spell and gibes and gnaws at the protagonist in La Tarasque is simply brilliant. Definitely one of my favourites here.

In conclusion, these are powerful, energetically written tales that are some of the finest I’ve read in the genre of dark fiction. The language is wonderfully imaginative and instantly thrusts the reader into caliginous realms of slowly revealed decay. A must-read!

– P. J. Hodge, Freaky Folk Tales


perf6.000x9.000.inddLast Year, When We Were Young

Author: Andrew J McKiernan

Publisher: Satalyte Publishing

ISBN no.:  978-0-9925095-2-1 (Paperback) / 978-0-9925095-3-8 (eBook)

RRP: $29.99 AUD (Paperback) / $5.99 AUD (eBook)

Release date: 28th June 2014

Available in Paperback and eBook from Amazon and Book Depository.

Last Year, When We Were Young: the debut collection of dark fiction from multi-award nominated author, Andrew J McKiernan, brings together 16 tales (14 previously published and 2 unique to the collection) that defy conventions of genre and style, and every one with an edge sharper than a razor and darker than a night on Neptune. From the darkly hilarious “All the Clowns in Clowntown” to the heart-breaking and disturbing title story, this collection of dark fiction pulls no punches.


“A troubling collection of weird and twisted tales. Sometimes funny, sometimes horrifying; always clever, always disturbing. Highly entertaining!” – Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of CODE ZERO

“McKiernan’s stories are hauntingly dark, evocatively written and viscerally compelling. With little regard for genre boundaries, McKiernan creates utterly convincing characters who will take you on a journey through fully realised worlds, and every journey is more than worth it.” – Alan Baxter, author of Bound and Realmshift

“These clever, compelling stories explore the dark edges of human existence. Utilising deceptive, often colloquial prose and an array of startling imagery, McKiernan has staked his own claim in a dark corner of imaginative fiction. Start reading him now; this guy will go far.” – Gary McMahon, author of The Concrete Grove

“McKiernan is a magician. He performs magic tricks in every story, spinning us around, making us believe one thing before showing us we were wrong all along. His stories are pure magic, staying with you like an echo long after reading.” – Kaaron Warren, author of Slights & Walking the Tree

Sinister Slices

Of Gold and Dust

by Michelle E. Goldsmith

Published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 60


The Climbing Tree

by Michelle E. Goldsmith

Published in Use Only as Directed (Peggy Bright Books)


This, the last scene through her eye.

by Hamish Ross

Published in Darker Times Anthology VI


Perfect Soldiers

by S. G. Larner

Published in Equilibrium Overturned


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