Sinister Reads – July 2014

A little behind the eight ball this month, but here it is, the July 2014 issue. Enjoy and don’t forget to tell your friends 🙂

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Sinister Reminders

AHWA Members Critique Groups

Don’t forget about out short story critique group and the writer’s workshop that is open to all members of the AHWA.  That’s right – novels, novellas, short stories – all are invited to participate.  Membership to both groups is open to members of the AHWA by invitation only.

If you are interested in taking part in either of these two groups, you need to join the AHWA today, and check out all the other exciting opportunities, you as an author, are currently missing out on.  There are tips on writing, how to get published, competitions, group forums and so much more.

Check out the Australian Horror Writer’s Association web-site today and become a member.

Sinister Reads

The Ocean King

Author: Russ Watts

Publisher: Severed Press

ISBN no.:  1925047911

RRP:  USD$10.76 / USD$4.69 eBook

Release date: 02 JUL 2014

Available here.

Don O’Reilly is a retired Navy SEAL living out his years in a cramped apartment in downtown San Diego. This was not how he planned his life to be. Without family or recognition for his service, he drinks to forget. There is no end to the recurring nightmares he suffers and all the military training in the world could not prepare him for what is about to come.

A terrifying creature is discovered in the Pacific Ocean, far from land, and almost dead. It is unrecognisable, a distant cousin of the dinosaurs, with razor-sharp teeth and a frightening agility in the water. Brought back to be studied at the Wild Seas Park, San Diego, owner Zola Bertoni has other ideas. This one of a kind magnificent monster could bring in millions.

The whole world wants a piece of the Kaiju, and it’s about to get it.


Subtropical Suspense – Anthology

Authors: Helen Stubbs and Alice Godwin (and others)

Editor: Cameron Trost

Illustrator: Cover by Greg Chapman

Publisher: Black Beacon Books

ISBN no.:  9781497596429

RRP: $19.95 AUD

Release date: 19th of July, 2014

Available here.


Sixteen tales of mystery and suspense set in the subtropical city of Brisbane, Australia. In this anthology, you will hunt murderers, catch thieves, and survive floods, thunderstorms, and maniacal neighbours. If you have ever lived in or been to Brisbane, or you just enjoy sultry tales from subtropical climes, this anthology of gripping fiction is for you. Find a spot on a verandah or under a leafy Moreton Bay fig tree and enjoy Subtropical Suspense.

Sinister Slices

Oil & Bone

by Dan Rabarts

Published on (Due for release October 2014)


A Place for Everyone

by Rue Karney

Published in Hauntings (anthology) by Hic Dragones


Sinister Superstars

Australian Shadows Awards: Best Edited Work WINNER

Dan Rabarts & Lee Murray for  Baby Teeth – Bite-sized Tales of Terror  (Paper Road Press 2013)

Congratulations to Dan and Lee on this great win!


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