Sinister Reads – December 2014

Bye, bye 2014. You were terrifying and horrific, but 2015 is going to make you look like fairy dust on a kitten! Thank you to all for making 2014 a great year for Sinister Reads and stay tuned – I sense the bloody flood gates shall open this year… Mwahahahaha….

Enjoy and share Sinister Reads with your family and friends – remind them that your mental state should always be questioned!

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Sinister Happenings


This has been a truly epic year for Cohesion. We released two books within a few days of each other in April: May I Be Frank by Anne Carmichael came out on the 11th, and then Carnies by Martin Livings (a rewrite of an earlier release) on April 14th. Two months later, we released the first of our SNAFU series on July 8th, to great acclaim and brilliant sales. It’s still selling well and has been very favourably reviewed. Then, on October 31st, we released SNAFU: Heroes, the second in the series. Also still selling well. The last two releases for the year were Guardian of the Sky Realms by Gerry Huntman (November 30th) and Dark Waters by Deborah Sheldon (December 14th). A good year!

For 2015, we already have SNAFU: Wolves at the Door scheduled for end of January, and SNAFU: Survival of the Fittest for end of June. Blurring the Lines will be out around mid-year, as well. A great place to be, as we move into the New Year.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. We hope you stick with us for a long time to come.


Sinister Reminders

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Geoff Brown Dip. PWE
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Editor/Columnist/Reviewer – This is Horror (UK)

Sinister Reads

SAVE1588 (1) (1)


Friends of the Dead and Other Stories

Author: James Doig

Illustrator: Paul Lowe

Publisher: Sarob Press

ISBN no.: 972-2-9549017-1-8

RRP: £30 or US$60 postage paid

Release date: January 2015

Available here.

Sarob Press is delighted to present the first collection of supernatural stories by James Doig. Most of these stories involve archives and manuscripts (unsurprisingly James works for the National Archives of Australia) and some of the particularly Jamesian outings first saw publication in Ghosts & Scholars magazine and in Ash-Tree Press publications. In these ten spooky stories the author invites the reader into eerie ghostly worlds of darkness, long shadows and subtle chills.

Essential ghostly reading for those cold, dark winter nights ~ roaring log fire optional of course. The previously published stories have been extensively revised and re-written especially for this collection.

Order your copy NOW to avoid disappointment.

Stories: “Malware*” “Wolferton Hall” “The Kindness of Strangers” “Mathrafal” “Threads” “The Wild Hunt” “The Land Where Fairies Linger*” “Out of the West” “The Dead Heart” “Friends of the Dead” *previously unpublished. With an introduction by the author.

Bound in wibalin (fine linen style), Foil Blocked to spine, Full Colour Dust-Jacket, 16pp Section Sewn Binding, Head & Tailbands & Coloured Endpapers. Full colour wrap jacket art by Paul Lowe.
Publication currently scheduled for mid January 2015.

Sinister Slices


Of The Color Turmeric, Climbing on Fingertips

by Gerry Huntman

Published in Night Terrors III



The Good Woman short story

by Porle Joen

Published in The Good Woman

**Reached top 10 in three countries


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