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Sinister Reads – August 2015

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Sorry for the delay, horror lovers. Moved house and it took me a while to get my internet sorted – yes, a REAL horror story! Beyond the Boundary Fence by Stefan Taylor is worth the wait – what is it that lurks beyond waiting to feast…?  Don’t have time for a sleepless night? Then check out some short but scary freaky fiction in our Sinister Slices section. The August edition of Sinister Reads is finally here for your reading and creepy pleasure.

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Sinister Reads

Beyond_the_Boundary_Cover 3Beyond the Boundary Fence

Author: Stefan Taylor

Published by: Stefan Taylor

ISBN no.: 978-0-646-942-46-9

RRP: $1.35 AUD

Release date: 10th September 2015

Available HERE.

What lies beyond the boundary fence, is something that should be left well alone. The new housing estate, Golden Pastures, is a quiet place with quiet streets, and quiet people. For fourteen-year-old Brody Webb and his struggling parents, it’s a new start, and a second chance at making their family work. But when Brody’s dad is laid off and his mother is forced to work long hours, things return to the way they have always been.

For Brody, it’s a lonely life spent riding his bike and dodging his drunken father. That is until Brody meets Todd, Zoe and Mike. Three kids that become the closest friends he’s ever had. However, beyond the estate’s boundary fence, deep in the surrounding Bushland, a sinister presence is awakening. Something that stalks the bush at night, something that needs to feed. And following the disappearance of one of his friends, Brody must find the courage to venture deep into the bush, and confront an old evil that has been waiting years to rise up, and have its revenge on the world.


Midnight Echo Issue 11

Editor: Kaaron Warren

Distributor: AHWA

RRP: $AUD 2.99 – Comes in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. You’ll receive all three when you buy through the website!

Release date: April 2015

Available HERE.

What’s that rap-tap-tapping on your chamber door? It’s not some mocking raven – it’s the seriously unsettling Midnight Echo 11!

Edited by Kaaron Warren, Issue 11 is dedicated to all things sinister. With more than 100 pages of fiction, art, interviews, book releases, comics, and more, you’re in for a disturbing ride.

The Table of Contents:


‘Gardening at Night’ by Vincent G McMackin
‘Uninvited Guests’ by Evan Purcell
‘Accident Report’ by Jarod K Anderson
‘By the Light Unseen’ by  Mark Farrugia
‘The Crying Room’ by Marija Elektra Rodriguez
‘Madeline’ by Claire Fitzpatrick
‘Perfect Little Stitches’ by Deborah Sheldon


‘November Wind’ by Sandy DeLuca
‘In Venice’ by John Grey
‘They’ by Michael Tugendhat
‘Dead Bodies Make Good Cellos’ by A J Huffman
‘The fruit of her hands’ by P S Cottier


From the Vault – ‘The Old Portrait’, written by Jason Franks, illustrated by Leigh Kuilboer, edited by Mark Farrugia

Non-fiction and regular features:

‘Why Sinister’ – Kaaron Warren on her early influences and favourite stories
Celluloid Nightmares – Mark Smith-Briggs talks to Wolf Creek 2 screenwriter Aaron Sterns
‘Writing With The Left Hand’ – P S Cottier discusses the sinister side of poetry
Sinister Reads (all the latest releases from AHWA members)

Special features:

AHWA Short Story and Flash Fiction Competition winners  –
‘Sundown’ by Keith Williams
‘What Came Through’ by Stuart Olver

Sinister Slices

Remember This

by Kat Dalziel

Published in Blood Sushi


The Touch of the Taniwha

by Tracie McBride

Published in Fiends: Ten Tales of Demons


Art as a Mirror

by Tracie McBride

Published in The Lovecraft eZine Issue #35


Lynette McClenaghan, a member of the Australian Society of Authors has had two of her letters to the editor published. Though they are a little outside of our horror focus, she presents some topical ideas of interest for authors. Have a read:

Letter: Authors and remuneration
Posted Friday 31st July 2015

Letter: Self-publishing and author reinvention
Posted on Tuesday 21st July 2015

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