Sinister Reads – September 2015

So many reads this month… and here is an exciting one to start us off – In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep: An Anthology of Australian Horror. This is a must have for any horror fan with a selection of tales from our very own AHWA members. Congratulations to all! Get it at the special introductory price before Halloween (check it out below). While you are at it, get your teeth into Mike Jones’ The Transgressions Cycle, never sleep again after reading Sleep With One Eye Open: Ghost by Beau Johnston, and snack on the morsels of Carole Nomarhas’ The Fading. Enjoy!

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Sinister Reminders

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Geoff Brown Dip. PWE
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Sinister Reads

unnamed (1)In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep: An Anthology of Australian Horror

Author: Various AHWA members

Illustrated by: Greg Chapman, cover artist

Published by: Australian Horror Writers’ Association

ISBN no.: 1508670382

RRP: $9.95 USD special release price until the 31st of October

Release date: 18/09/2915

Available HERE.

Inaugural Showcase Anthology from the Australian Horror Writers’ Association:

The River Slurry Rue Karney
Triage Jason Nahrung
Upon the Dead Oceans Marty Young
Beast Natalie Satakovski
The Grinning Tide Stuart Olver
Our Last Meal J. Ashley Smith
Veronica’s Dogs Cameron Trost
Bullets Joanne Anderton
Saviour Mark McAuliffe
The Hunt Mark Smith-Briggs
The Monster in the Woods Kathryn Hore
Road Trip Anthony Ferguson
Bloodlust Steve Cameron
Elffingern Dan Rabarts

In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep is an anthology like no other. The tales herein will take you on a weird and terrifying journey. You will set out on a road trip and find yourself trapped in the arid Australian outback where a little girl and her grandfather struggle to survive. There are isolated farmhouses threatened by bushfires and bullets, and rainforests teeming with bloodthirsty bugs. The cities are full of trouble too. The murky waters of the Brisbane River hide spiteful spirits and the suburbs are infested with insane inhabitants masquerading as ordinary human beings. Then, you will leave Australia, departing from Melbourne, to hunt down vampiric gangsters in Southeast Asia, before sailing future seas and visiting realms.

This inaugural showcase anthology features the work of just a handful of the many talented and darkly imaginative authors who make up the Australian Horror Writers’ Association. If you are unfamiliar with Australian horror, let this book be just the first step on a long voyage of discovery.

In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep is the debut showcase anthology from the Australian Horror Writers’ Association and features fourteen terrifying tales from some of the country’s most talented writers of dark fiction.


The Transgressions Cycle (3 Book Series)

Author: Mike Jones

Published by: Simon & Schuster

ISBN no.: 9781925030938

unnamed (1)The Mothers

RRP: AUD$3.99

Release dates: 31 August

Available HERE.

1880. Rosanna is an impoverished woman fleeing debts she can’t pay in decrepit industrialised England. When she steals passage to Australia by deceiving a widowed mother and child out of their ticket, she finds herself incarcerated in quarantine on a rocky island off the coast of Tasmania. Here Rosanna uncovers the island’s dark secret – a possessed Warden deceiving migrant mothers and stealing the souls of their children with a demonic photograph camera. Unable to escape the island, Rosanna must make amends for her past transgressions and delve deep into the dark tunnels of the island’s catacombs, struggling to reconnect the ghosts of the mothers to their children before its too late.

unnamed (2)

Scrimshaw Marionette

RRP: AUD$5.99

Release dates: 31 September

Available HERE.

1931. Blaming himself for the drowning death of his wife, William flees the hardship of depression-era Sydney with his young daughter, Rosa. Battling his addictions and his sanity, William travels far south and finds work on a remote island whaling station. But when Rosa finds a small scrimshaw marionette doll under the wharf, a restless spirit awakens to puppeteer the living and drag them into the sea. Grappling with his sanity and reason, William must confront the truth of the past, becoming lost in the island’s memories, and struggle to put the marionette ghost to rest to save his daughter and himself.

unnamedCOMING SOON: The Reparation

RRP: AUD$5.99

Release dates: 31 October 2015

Currently available for pre-order HERE.

1952. When Christopher, an ambitious but troubled Anglican priest, takes over the inner city parish of St Agnes, he encounters the mysterious ghost of a girl named Amaranth whose soul lives beneath the cemetery ground.  As restoration is undertaken on the old church, the headstones removed to make way, a dark past is brought to the surface; a story of corruption and murder that Christopher’s predecessors had kept hidden. To unearth the truth of Amaranth and her terrible death, the priest will have to confront what he fears most.


unnamed (3)

Sleep With One Eye Open: Ghost

Author: Beau Johnston

Published by: Beau Johnston

ISBN no.: 978-0994427618

RRP: $9.99 US

Release date: September 4, 2015

Available form Amazon (e-book and paperback), iTunes, Kobo, Book Depository, Angus and Robertson (e-book and paperback), Kinokuniya Australia.

With cunning, courage and good luck, John survived the horror of the zombie outbreak in Sydney.

He fled the city with little more than the clothes on his back, hoping to outrun the savage horde of ghouls that annihilated Sydney’s population of four and a half million people. His perilous journey north covered several hundred kilometres of hostile territory, arriving at the outskirts of Coomba Park, the tiny lakeside settlement where he grew up. His family were missing,

but he found clues to their location. As he continued his journey to Gloucester, he quickly discovered it is impossible to outrun an enemy that doesn’t need sleep. He found his family in time to warn them of the horde of flesh-eating ghouls that would soon arrive on their doorstep. Under the cover of darkness they successfully escaped the ravenous pack of fiends that swarmed through the town.

Taking refuge on an abandoned rural property outside the remote village of Nowendoc, the group must evade enemies, both living and undead, as they try to establish a new life for themselves. Struggling to survive with limited supplies, John and his family realise they can’t hide forever. Everything they do increases their chances of being discovered. The sleepy country town of Gloucester might be small, but it is just as treacherous as Sydney. Marauding zombies and other survivors create a dangerous environment that can quickly turn lethal; ensnaring the unwary and the unlucky.

While searching for supplies in the abandoned homes and businesses of Gloucester, John rapidly learns his presence isn’t welcome. He doesn’t know who these people are or understand their motives; but they are determined to make his life hell. Join John as he tries to remain one step ahead of this new enemy.


unnamed (4)The Fading

Author: Carole Nomarhas

Available form Amazon USA, Amazon Australia, and Amazon UK.

Eleven darkly-twisted tales of fantasy and horror, magic and superstition. Venture into a place where the veil between worlds is wafer-thin, where the dead join the living and the sun never sets. Drive a road of dust and bones that may never end and may take you places you do not wish to go… Visit a picture-perfect house, in a picture-perfect village, where there is a very special box. Sit for a while on the front porch, and wait for the end of the world, unless something more terrifying comes calling first…

Carole Nomarhas delivers a unique blend of dread and intrigue in short stories that cross genres and lead the reader down paths that were once the familiar haunts of horror and fantasy readers alike. With a delicate brush she paints vivid worlds where serial killers dwell, and digs up past wrong-deeds with dire consequences. Each story is a delicately-woven tapestry of nightmare places and nightmare beings, ordinary folk in extraordinary situations.

Sinister Slices

unnamed (2)

Denying the Thrill

by Gerry Huntman

Published in Creepy Campfire Stories (for Grownups)

Sinister Superstars

unnamedCongratulations to Mike Jones. In the midst of the monthly releases of his The Transgressions Cycle (3 Book Series), the first book, ‘The Mothers’ has been named by iBooks as it’s Best of the Month!  ‘The Mothers’ has been enjoying it’s time on the iBooks front page in the company of the likes of Lee Child and Jonathan Franzen.

“Very gratifying to see the iBooks editors choose a Horror novel to sit in this set.” – Mike Jones


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