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Sinister Reads – November 2015

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Hi all. It is the month of anthologies! 3 for you to sink your teeth into, and don’t forget to check out Cameron Trost’s short, The Crows of Eildon Hill. Anthology #1: Another Time Another Place – A Collection of Short Stories comes to you from a gathering of current and alumni students of writing – you are even invited the the Facebook book launch this weekend! Anthology #2: Lighthouses: An Anthology of Dark Tales is a collection of horrifying short stories about beacons and lighthouses from Black Beacon Books. Anthology #3: AHWA’s In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep: An Anthology of Australian Horror.

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Sinister Events

Book Launch – Your Invitation is Here!

Join a group of Australia’s most exciting up and coming authors, all current and former MA (Writing) students from Swinburne University of Technology, as they launch their collection of stories in Another Time Another Place.

Join in right HERE on Facebook for your chance to chat with the authors and win some goodies!!!!!

Includes Isolated by AWHA’s Porle Joen

Sinister Reads


Another Time Another Place – A Collection of Short Stories

Edited by: Monica Cook and Sarah Mokrzycki

Authors: Various including AHWA’s Porle Joen

Illustrator: Simple Elegance Australia (Cover)

Published by: Swinburne Anthology Group

ISBN: 978-1519302854

RRP: $US8.00 (paperback); $AUD1.37 (Kindle)

Avaibale in paperback here (CreateSpace users) here (Amazon), and here (Kindle).

Release date: 23 November 2015

Mrs. Bishop’s Bed (Anthony Wood)
Call me Jane (Sarah Mokrzycki)
Rumrunnery (Anna de Souza)
Broken Promises (Jeanette O’Hagan)
Isolated (Porle Joen)
Tattle Tale (TC Phillips)
The True Story of Miniature Pineapples (Simon Rowe)
Buried Horns (Monica Cook)
Rift (Jennie Keech)
The Journey (Starsky Tan)

You are all invited to our official FACEBOOK Book Launch on Saturday, December 5th. For more information or to attend, click HERE. Chat with the authors, win prizes, and meet some great up-and-coming talent!


Lighthouses-cover-thumbLighthouses: An Anthology of Dark Tales

Author: Various AHWA members

Editor: Cameron Trost

Illustrated by: Greg Chapman, cover artist

Published by: Black Beacon Books

ISBN no.: 9781515353812

RRP: $US11.95; $US6.00 Kindle

Release date: November 2015

Available in hardcopy HERE (CreateSpace) and HERE (Amazon), and Kindle HERE.

Black Beacon Books presents an anthology of dark tales about lighthouses and beacons. This unique book offers you, the most daring of readers, fourteen original stories of horror, mystery, suspense, and adventure.

Within these pages lurk monsters from the depths of the seas and the far reaches of the cosmos. There are murders to solve, hauntings to investigate, and loved ones to be rescued. There are tales of hidden treasure, timeless curses, and ancient orders. Seafarers face ferocious storms while families fall apart and lighthouse keepers lose their sanity.
The storm is coming, so batten down the hatches and let Lighthouses guide you into the darkness.

Light House, Dark House Greg Chapman
Scrimshaw Duncan Richardson
Horror at Hollow Head Cameron Trost
Psychopomp Mark McAuliffe
Trepidation Danielle Birch
Cloak of Madness Matthew Wilson
The Cape B. Michael Radburn
The Last Keeper Linda Brucesmith
In Search of Jimmy David Dolan
Into the Light Alice Godwin
The Crystal Lighthouse Sam Muller
To Keep the Lamp Alight Steve Cameron
The Tower B. T. Joy
Will o’ the Wisp Deborah Sheldon


unnamed (1)In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep: An Anthology of Australian Horror

Author: Various AHWA members

Illustrated by: Greg Chapman, cover artist

Published by: Australian Horror Writers’ Association

ISBN no.: 1508670382

RRP: $9.95 USD special release price until the 31st of October

Release date: 18/09/2015

Available HERE.

Inaugural Showcase Anthology from the Australian Horror Writers’ Association:

The River Slurry Rue Karney
Triage Jason Nahrung
Upon the Dead Oceans Marty Young
Beast Natalie Satakovski
The Grinning Tide Stuart Olver
Our Last Meal J. Ashley Smith
Veronica’s Dogs Cameron Trost
Bullets Joanne Anderton
Saviour Mark McAuliffe
The Hunt Mark Smith-Briggs
The Monster in the Woods Kathryn Hore
Road Trip Anthony Ferguson
Bloodlust Steve Cameron
Elffingern Dan Rabarts

In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep is an anthology like no other. The tales herein will take you on a weird and terrifying journey. You will set out on a road trip and find yourself trapped in the arid Australian outback where a little girl and her grandfather struggle to survive. There are isolated farmhouses threatened by bushfires and bullets, and rainforests teeming with bloodthirsty bugs. The cities are full of trouble too. The murky waters of the Brisbane River hide spiteful spirits and the suburbs are infested with insane inhabitants masquerading as ordinary human beings. Then, you will leave Australia, departing from Melbourne, to hunt down vampiric gangsters in Southeast Asia, before sailing future seas and visiting realms.

This inaugural showcase anthology features the work of just a handful of the many talented and darkly imaginative authors who make up the Australian Horror Writers’ Association. If you are unfamiliar with Australian horror, let this book be just the first step on a long voyage of discovery.

In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep is the debut showcase anthology from the Australian Horror Writers’ Association and features fourteen terrifying tales from some of the country’s most talented writers of dark fiction.

Sinister Slices

“The Crows of Eildon Hill” by Cameron Trost

Published in Blue Crow Magazine #4

Sinister Reminders

AHWA Members Critique Groups

Don’t forget about out short story critique group and the writer’s workshop that is open to all members of the AHWA.  That’s right – novels, novellas, short stories – all are invited to participate.  Membership to both groups is open to members of the AHWA by invitation only.

If you are interested in taking part in either of these two groups, you need to join the AHWA today, and check out all the other exciting opportunities, you as an author, are currently missing out on.  There are tips on writing, how to get published, competitions, group forums and so much more.

Check out the Australian Horror Writer’s Association web-site today and become a member.


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