Sinister Reads – May 2016

Welcome all, to the May 2016 edition of Sinister Reads. Indie authors, don’t forget to submit your work to Up & Up Media for their inaugural anthology! You’ll never feel safe in your own home again after reading Brett McBean’s Invasion… but let’s face it, us horror weirdos like it that way!  While you are at it, check out Deborah Sheldon’s Sinister Slice in Allegory Magazine. Enjoy your May Sinister Reads….

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Sinister Events

Call for Submissions!


Up & Up Media – Aussie Author Bonanza.


Up & Up Media are seeking INDIE authors to submit their work to an exciting new project to launch both Aussie authors and the company.

“Our big idea is to be what indie punk rock labels were for garage bands back in the day, but for indie writers of today. The garage bands of the literary world. We want to be the ones who nuture Nirvana’s first novel, Green Day’s first short story book, and we’re trying to get NoFX to drop their Zine through us… You get the picture, right?

“It’s grassroots, it’s exciting, and we don’t have no rules round these parts, so it’s whatever goes… “


The book will be fiction stories, mostly Sci-fi/Fantasy, and will hopefully contain upwards of 30 stories. At the conclusion of each story will be a page about the author, telling the reader what they’re about, what other stuff they have out or are working on, and where to find them.


  • Word count: Approx 2,000 words. If you go over, that’s okay though. We aren’t strict.

  • Payment: 7c Per Word, up to $100, for stories that will be published.

  • Theme: No particular theme, we want Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror, Or just plain Fiction. We aim to entertain our readers, give them something to think about, and showcase talent. We’re after stories that haven’t just been spilt out of a pen, but that the author is proud of. Remember, this is a spotlight to hopefully bring new readers into your fanbase and explore your other works.

For submission guidelines, go to

Sinister Reads


The Invasion

by Brett McBean


Published by: Sinister Grin Press

ISBN no.: 978-1944044206

RRP: $15.99 US

Release date: 15/5/2016


Available here.



It was supposed to be a quiet end to a long day: five close-knit family and friends settling in for some much-needed sleep after coming together for an early Christmas party. Instead, it’s the beginning of a shocking night of brutality when six intruders break into the sprawling residence of Debra Hillsboro, a middle-aged romance novelist with a fierce devotion to her loved ones and a strong kinship with her home of almost thirty years. Armed with smartphones and a modern brand of madness, the intruders – an internet-age cult disconnected from humanity and addicted to causing fear and mayhem – have come to the secluded property for one purpose: to terrorize, and ultimately kill, everyone inside all while filming their heinous crimes. Outnumbered and cut off from the outside world, the terrified occupants find themselves trapped in a fight for survival as a once place of safety is turned into a deadly maze of darkened rooms and forbidding hallways. On this sweltering summer night, they must somehow find a way to escape before the cult turns the beloved home into a house for the dead.


Sinister Slices

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

by Deborah Sheldon

Published in Allegory magazine #29



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