Sinister Reads – August 2016

So, it’s August 2016. That snuck up like Pennywise!  Enjoy this short but powerful edition of Sinister Reads. How could you possible go past The Refuge Collection, Heaven to Some (Volumes 1-3)? With contributions from some of AHWA best, you will be fascinated and horrified by the town of Refuge. But wait, there’s more! Check out Murder on the Cogsworthy Express by the wonderfully wicked Cameron Trost.


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Sinister Reads

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The Refuge Collection, Heaven to Some (Volumes 1-3)

Authors: Ramsey Campbell, Tracie McBride, Martin Livings, Kaaron Warren, Brian Craddock, Lee Murray, Steve Dillon, Noel Osualdini, EJ McLaughlin, Chris McCorkindale, David Allen

Illustrated by: Will Jacques, Matty Taylor, Edward Miller, Steve Dillon, Greg Chapman, Simon Sayce

Published by: Steve Dillon for The Refuge Collection

ISBN no.: 9780994592200 (Hardback) and 9780994592217 (Paperback)

Release date: 19 th August 2016

RRP: $US66.60  (HB) and $US33.30 (PB)

Available here.

The Refuge Collection is a collection of dark, supernatural and terrifying tales set in and around the mythical town of Refuge, where every house is different, as are its people. They seek Refuge for all sorts of reasons, often without recalling why or how they arrived. But leaving is a different matter.

The town is often described by those who live there as ‘Heaven to Some, Hell to Others.’

The Refuge Collection is also a collection of award-winning (and emerging) writers and artists who’ve come together from across the world to build our little town of Refuge. Each writer has added to the places, people and events that take place, slowly building the mythology and adding to an insidious over-arching plot. With 6 volumes of 6 tales from Refuge, most are short, stand-alones but they all inter-leave in some way.


  • “The most ambitious shared-world horror series to come out of Australia. A horror collection that is both relevant and worthy – a rarity” – Aaron Sterns, co-writer of Wolf Creek 2
  • “The Refuge Collection benefits an admirable project. Please support if you can.” – Ramsey Campbell

Included is Lee Murray’s short story, ‘The Thief’s Tale,’ which won the Sir Julius Vogel (SJV) award for best short story in 2015.

Sinister Slices

Murder on the Cogsworthy Express

by Cameron Trost

Published in  Gothic Fantasy: Crime and Mystery Short Stories

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