Sinister Reads – December 2016

Welcome horror fiends to the December edition of Sinister Reads, the monthly newsletter that celebrates the achievements of our hard-writing Australian Horror Writers Association members. Check out the latest publication milestones below for November/December, or even better pick up a copy of their work, remembering to leave a review after the fact! Reviews are author’s bread and butter, so do the right thing peeps.

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Sinister Reads


Author: Alan Baxter
Title: Crow Shine
Publisher: Ticonderoga Publications
ISBN no.:
978–1–925212–39–6 (limited hardcover)
978–1–925212–40–2 (trade hardcover)
978–1–925212–41–9 (trade paperback)
978–1–925212–42–6 (ebook)
Price: AU$25.00 for Paperback, AU$4.99 ebook.
Release date: November 11, 2016


The dark fantasy collection features 19 stories, including the Australian Shadows Award-winning “Shadows of the Lonely Dead”; and original title story “Crow Shine” in addition to two other never before published stories.

“Alan Baxter is an accomplished storyteller who ably evokes magic and menace. Whether it’s stories of ghost-liquor and soul-draining blues, night club magicians, sinister western pastoral landscapes, or a suburban suicide–Crow Shine has a mean bite.”—Laird Barron, author of Swift to Chase.



thumbnail_ddAuthor: Deborah Sheldon
Title: Devil Dragon
Publisher: Severed Press
ISBN no.: 978-1-925493-97-9
Price: USD$3.77 ebook; USD$12.95 paperback
Release date: November 18th, 2016

Dr. Erin Harris may be a scientist, but she has an unscientific obsession: to find a living Varanus priscus. Cryptozoologists call it the Devil dragon. This giant Australian reptile went extinct some 12,000 years ago but like Bigfoot or Nessie, there are occasional sightings. Spurred by a credible

witness, Erin cobbles together an expedition party consisting of herself, the witness, and his deer-hunting neighbours. They travel into the unexplored heart of a remote national park. Erin, believing the Devil dragon to be a larger version of the Komodo, is confident she can outwit a specimen. However, the terrifying monster that lumbers out of the bush is a savage and unpredictable predator the size of a campervan. To escape, Erin must transform herself from genteel university lecturer to hard-core survivalist.



lost-soulsAuthor: James Doig
Title: “Lionel Sparrow”, in Lost Souls of Horror and the Gothic: Fifty-Four Neglected Authors, Actors, Artists and Others
Publisher: McFarland & Company
ISBN-10: 1476663149
ISBN-13: 978-1476663142
Price: USD$35 (paperback) $9.86 (ebook) 

In recent years horror and gothic themes have penetrated mainstream popular culture in a manner unseen since the horror boom of the 1970s. Primetime television viewers who before might not have shown interest in such late-night fare now happily settle down after dinner to watch zombie or serial killer shows. This collection of 54 biographical essays examines many overlooked and underrated figures who have played a role in the ever-expanding world of horror and gothic entertainment. The contributors push the boundaries of how we define these terms, bringing into the discussion such diverse figures as singer-songwriter Tom Waits, occultist Dion Fortune, author Charles Beaumont, historian, and bishop Gregory of Tours and video game designer Shinji Mikami.


darkest-depths-ebook-small-190x300Author: Geneve Flynn
Title: “A Special Breed” in Darkest Depths Anthology
Publisher: Vision Writers Group
Price: USD$0.73 (ebook)
Release date: November 5, 2016

In 2014, Vision Writers published an inaugural collection of speculative fiction stories, “18”. In 2016, we’re at it again, and this time, we’re digging deep and going dark.

If you’re brave enough to gaze into the abyss (beware: it’s watching you), you’ll find a woman caring for a monster, a father’s suffocating guilt, a jumping castle, a tale of the Horseman, a military science experiment gone wrong (don’t they all?), a lake monster, some mutants in a hole, and of course, a bizarre trip through the mind, with a doppelganger and a booze-soaked wombat in a 1969 Kombi. So be sure to read this under the covers with the torch on and the windows locked. There’s dark things out there. And there’s even darker things in here.



shadowsAuthor: Cameron Trost
Title: “The Sorrowful Wife” in Shadows at the Door Anthology
Publisher: Shadows at the Door Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9956158-0-9
Price: £25.00 Uk & Europe or £30.00 International
Released in November, 2016

n the first published collection, Shadows at the Door Publishing brings you new fiction from authors in classical horror style. Hundreds of horror fans pledged over £11,000 to bring this project to life, and now you can join them. No matter where you are in the world, there is a story that everyone knows. In every town, every village, there is a house no one sets foot in; a specter in the woods that parents warn their children of; a local landmark whose history is stained with death. Shadows at the Door brings the whispered, hand-me-down horrors of thirteen such places together, to entertain and unsettle. The anthology will immerse you in the eerie locales of Durham, Norfolk, Derbyshire, Rugby, the Scottish Highlands, Toronto, Pennsylvania, East Sussex, New York, Rural Yorkshire, Lake Superior, and Melbourne, so you can be scared all around the globe.



So this is our final Sinister Reads for the year. We’ll kick off the next edition in the New Year. Until then, keep on kicking those writing goals and don’t forget to send in your publication news to for inclusion in Sinister Reads. * Please note that Sinister Reads is a monthly newsletter and your publication submissions should correspond to the particular edition. Questions can be directed to Greg Chapman, Sinister Reads Manager, via

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