About Us.

Our den of fictional misdeeds.

Our den of fictional misdeeds.

They ventured into the darkness…

Hello and welcome to Sinister Reads ~ brought to you by the Australian Horror Writer’s Association.

As valued readers and writers of our beloved twisted ways of telling tales, Sinister Reads is here to promote the new releases of our valued members so you, our audience, will know when your favourites have fresh work waiting for your eyes. Or perhaps you’re ready to sink your teeth into a new voice. They are all here, ready to be devoured at your leisure.

You’ll be able to access links to their bio pages, reviews, book stockists, as well as a brief synopsis of their latest offering from the comfort of home.

So if it’s a committed journey into the underworld you’re after, or a short slice of fiction, Sinister Reads is here to keep you in the know.

If you would like your excursions into the macabre to be promoted by Sinister Reads, please click here .

The Fine Print.

Sinister Reads is a project managed by the Australian Horror Writer’s Association (AHWA) used to promote the work of its members.

It is our aim to promote Australian speculative fiction both at home and overseas for the enjoyment of  lovers of the genre.

Please be advised that Sinister Reads will not be promoting vanity press. Only books produced through registered publishers with their own ISBN allocation will be included in Sinister Reads.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us ~ books@australianhorror.com

Thank you for your interest in Sinister Reads.

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