Sinister Reads ~ October 2009

Salt the doors and windows! We have some fresh ink for you straight from the veins Paul Haines to keep you company while the shadows are taking shape for the chaos that is All Hallow’s Eve. If you have some soon-to-be-released twisted tales, be sure to let us know


sol_cover Slice Of Life

by Paul Haines

The Mayne Press

ISBN no: 978-0-9806159-0-6
Release date: October 2009 
Available from: The Mayne Press
Meet the mind of Paul Haines.
Slice of Life contains seventeen
glittering stories, dripping with
twenty first century paranoia and
anxiety. The honesty of Paul's
writing horrifies as he describes the private mind of men.

Published here together for the first time are the Ditmar winning
story; The Devil In Mr Pussy, the Aurealis Award shortlisted horror
story; Doof Doof Doof; and the complete Slice of Life series of
stories, including the previously unpublished Slice of Life-a Spot
of Liver.

Slice of Life is a fund-raising venture for the Paul Haines cancer
fund. 100% of the cover price will help Paul Haines fight his
cancer. Help give Paul Haines a slice of life.

Stories within have won the Ditmar, and been shortlisted for the
Aurealis, Ditmar and Sir Julius Vogel.


Exuberant, profane, and totally whacked out” Ellen Datlow

The anxiety in these stories is palpable. Love the paranoia!
Love the self loathing. Love the psychosis” Aurealis

It's a great, nasty read. Recommended” Jenny Blackford,
World Fantasy Award judge.


Sinister Slices

Hear No Evil

by Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Published in: Elder Signs Press

Available from: Elder Signs Press Bookshop


by Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Published in: Australian Reader’s Halloween Special

Available from: Australian Reader


by Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Published in: Legumeman Free Series

Available from: Legumeman Free Series

Sinister Reads ~ September 2009

The weather may be getting warmer, but here at Sinister Reads the slab is always cold, the gateway to hell always open, and the creatures of your nightmares always around the next corner. Before you break out the BBQ and dust it off for another season, be sure to check out these new releases. As always, you can reach us at



DeVayne – The Lycanthrope Chronicles: Tormented Love

by Adrian Scott

Renaissance E-books

ISBN: 9781615080953

RRP: $4.99

Available from: Renaissance E-books

Charles Devayne, twin son of a wealthy Parisian banker, is attacked by a werewolf on a hunting trip in the Carpathian Mountains, along with his friend Jean-Phillipe. Jean becomes a werewolf and stalks the Devayne family, and Charles must hunt him down while trying to keep his own lycanthropy under control and maintain a love affair with pretty university student Dominique Dusette.

Jean-Phillipe is killed, but Charles’ disease begins to take over. The two brothers and their now-wives move to Sydney, Australia, in the 19th century, where they try to settle and begin new lives – Charles as a doctor, his brother establishing branches of the London and Midlands bank in Sydney and Melbourne.

A violent conclusion sees the end of the werewolf – or does it? Charles’ baby son may also carry the gene, but you’ll have to wait for the release of volume II to find out!


Sinister Slices

Dead Bait

by Kathleen Steele

Published in: Skive #12

Available from: Lulu

Sinister Reads ~ August 2009

It’s that time again when we open the gates, turn out the light and let the creatures roam free to torment us. This month we have some fresh ink from Stephen Irwin and the Keith Williams to tempt you.

Don’t forget to email your submissions to


Irwin_dead_path_coverThe Dead Path
by Stephen M Irwin

Hachette Australia

ISBN: 978-0-7336-2374-5

RRP: $32.99

Available from: Folio Books

and Infinitas

Nicholas Close is a haunted man. He doesn’t just see dead people … he sees them die, over and over again.

After his wife’s tragic death, Nicholas abandons the life he had in London and returns home to Australia. He is amazed to find little has changed in the twenty years he has been away. He can’t believe a place that terrified him as a child – a place locals call The Woods – has somehow escaped the developer’s bulldozer. When he was ten years old, he found a strange talisman near the woods. He didn’t touch it, and ran. Later, he told his best friend, Tristram, about it. They returned to The Woods to seek it out and Tristram picked it up. Tristram’s body was found the next day.

Something is lurking in The Woods that knows Nicholas is back. It has been waiting … because it claimed the wrong boy.

When another child goes missing, Nicholas becomes a suspect in the disappearance. He realises that if he doesn’t act against whatever resides in The Woods, more children will be murdered. But the force among the trees is old, cunning and evil … and it will stop at nothing to get what it wants. And it wants Nicholas.





The Finger of God ~ PRE-ORDER NOW ~
by Keith Williams

Equilibrium Books
ISBN no: 978-1-921456-25-1
RRP: $27.95
Release Date: September 2009.
Available from: Equilibrium Books

Decorated, retired astronaut Jordie MacAlister has retreated to the rugged West Coast of Scotland; his wife dead, his career cut short and his life in disarray. His solitude is suddenly blown away when an entire top secret NASA database is inexplicably downloaded into his computer. He understands that such a thing is impossible, and yet it has happened, and MacAlister knows he is in deep trouble. In desperation he turns to his old friend, retired professor and self-confessed conspiracy theorist Alan Sinclair, for help. Together they attempt to hide the stolen data before Jordie is arrested, but even a greater danger awaits them, something that threatens the entire planet.

What was always considered a barren, dead ball, the mysterious planet Mars is proving to be much more. Something monstrous is alive in its red soil, a fact that has been known and kept a secret for some time. When the alien entity makes its way to Earth, Jordie and Alan must race against the approaching apocalypse in a bid to find possible salvation hidden amongst the NASA files.

The Finger of God is a gripping thriller from start to finish and a searing social commentary on the human condition from the author of Dark Beckoning.


Sinister Reads ~ July 2009

Don’t panic, that faint knocking under your bed is just us letting you know that we have some fresh tales waiting to be devoured.

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by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
Illustrated by Andrew J. McKiernan

Brimstone Press
ISBN: 978-1-921456-25-1
RRP: $16.95
Available from:  Brimstone PressIndie Books Online, and most bookstores (including Dymocks and speciality retailers)

Shards is dark fiction at its shortest and sharpest. Each shard is an imaginative fragment, broken, sharp, and poised to draw blood. Every story is illustrated by the darkly imaginative Andrew J. McKiernan.


“Shane Jiraiya Cummings with Shards shows he is not only a master of the flash fiction style of writing but has pretty much written the definitive statement on how it should work. The collection is a strong statement on the validity of an internet-driven writing style and is a must have for any collector of Australian Dark Fiction.” Jeff Ritchie, Scary Minds

Shards cuts you right open and then sets about infecting the wound. Cummings’ prose is as the title suggests: short, sharp, and deadly. The tales themselves are relentless, battering you with their suggestive intensity or mocking with bleak humour. Add to this darkly disturbing illustrations by Andrew McKiernan and Shards is one hell of a nightmare.” Marty Young, President, Australian Horror Writers Association.

If flash fiction is the distinctive form of our internet age—and everything points that way—then I can’t think of a better demonstration of the art than Shards.” Richard Harland, award-winning author of The Black Crusade and World Shaker.

Sinister Reads ~ June 2009

Welcome once again to our haunted halls in cyber space. This month we have some new favourites just waiting to be discovered, so if you’re in search of a fresh fiend to spend some quality time with, look no further.

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Creeping in Reptile Flesh

by Robert Hood

Altair Australia Books

ISBN: 978-0-9804566-2-2

RRP: $AUS19.95 (plus shipping)

Available from: Altair Australia and Twelfth Planet Press

Creeping in Reptile Flesh is a new collection of stories from Robert Hood, gathered around a loose theme dictated by the title story — a 20,000 word novella.

Savage murders that leave no one dead. Politicians intent on ontological genocide. Feral creatures at home in the wilds of Sydney and the Scrub. In “Creeping in Reptile Flesh”, one man embarks on an investigation into a maverick Member of Parliament whose eccentric exterior may hide the seeds of apocalypse.

Creeping in Reptile Flesh was shortlisted in the Best Anthology/Collection category of the 2008 Aurealis Awards as well as the 2009 Ditmar Awards. The title novella is also nominated in the Best Novella category of the Ditmar Awards. Its cover (by Cat Sparks) has also been nominated for a Ditmar.


Hood’s collection Creeping in Reptile Flesh was the finest Aussie collection released in 2008 … it contains several of Hood’s best stories and spans two decades of his career.” Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Australian Shadows Award 2008 Judge’d report.

[the title novella is]… a sinister tale of black magic, the walking dead, and party politics … Highly recommended.” Ben Payne, review on Not if You Were The Last Short Story on Earth.

The novella is a well constructed piece of writing that sets the tone for the rest of the collection… Rob Hood follows up his opening salvo… with thirteen stories of menace and surprises as ordinary people face the folding of reality or the completely unexpected in everyday situations… No matter your taste in dark literature the Author will have something to delight and amaze.” Jeff Ritchie, ScaryMinds review.


SKNF Cover

Stephen King: The Non-Fiction

by Rocky Wood and Justin Brooks

Cemetery Dance Publications

ISBN: 978-1-58767-160-9

Available from: Cemetery Dance Publications

Stephen King: The Non-Fiction is the first significant review of King’s non-fiction. Most fans and readers know King has written three non-fiction books and may have noticed his introductions and author’s notes to his own works, but few know of his hundreds of columns, articles, book reviews and criticism. It is over 600 pages in length, easily making it the most comprehensive review of Stephen King’s non-fiction works, many of which you’ve never read or even heard of before – and it even includes the complete text of a very rare essay written by Stephen King! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about King’s amazing and often controversial non-fiction, this is the reference work you must have.