Sinister Reads – November 2015

Hi all. It is the month of anthologies! 3 for you to sink your teeth into, and don’t forget to check out Cameron Trost’s short, The Crows of Eildon Hill. Anthology #1: Another Time Another Place – A Collection of Short Stories comes to you from a gathering of current and alumni students of writing – you are even invitedContinue reading “Sinister Reads – November 2015”

Sinister Reads July 2015

Welcome, horror lovers! Mike Jones is going to be out and about – don’t miss your chance to meet with him during festival season (keep an eye on here for further updates). In the mean-time, why not pre-order his Transgressions Cycle series? While you are at it, check out the other great publications this month!Continue reading “Sinister Reads July 2015”

Sinister Reads May 2015

Did someone scream? No? Oh… well, maybe they need to read Russ Watt’s Hamsikker 2 or spend a night alone in a dark room flicking through the pages of the latest Midnight Echo edition. Check them out in the May edition of Sinister Reads. Follow this and start receiving monthly updates of publications. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sinister HappeningsContinue reading “Sinister Reads May 2015”

Sinister Reads – April 2015

There is nothing to fear… except the minds of our AHWA writers! Get a piece of it this month with a collection of scary spectre stories from Robert Hood and some good advice from Bethaney Nielsen – Don’t Play with Dead Things! Also, get into some devilish short stories. Enjoy your April edition of Sinister Reads.Continue reading “Sinister Reads – April 2015”

Sinister Reads – January 2015

We have a blood-packed start to the year with the January edition of Sinister Reads! Wrap your mind around re-released publications from the supernaturally sublime Lynette McCleanaghan, sink your teeth into an apololyptic zombie feast with the deliciously deadly Russ Watts, and make friends with the dead with the freakishly fantastic James Doig. Don’t forgetContinue reading “Sinister Reads – January 2015”