Sinister Reads – December 2014

Bye, bye 2014. You were terrifying and horrific, but 2015 is going to make you look like fairy dust on a kitten! Thank you to all for making 2014 a great year for Sinister Reads and stay tuned – I sense the bloody flood gates shall open this year… Mwahahahaha…. Enjoy and share Sinister ReadsContinue reading “Sinister Reads – December 2014”

Sinister Reads – November 2014

November was the month of tasty morsels. Come, try some for yourself with Unearthly Fables from the diabolical David Schembri and Friends of the Dead and Other Stories from the jugular tearing James Doig. Enjoy and share Sinister Reads with your family – make them fear for your sanity! Follow this and start receiving monthlyContinue reading “Sinister Reads – November 2014”

Sinister Reads – October 2014

Hope you all had a wicked Halloween! This month, Sinister Reads presents Disquiet – an anthology of unsettling fiction and poetry to curl your eyebrows from Antipodean authors edited by Tracie McBride. Enjoy and share Sinister Reads with your friends… and enemies – if you dare! Follow this and start receiving monthly updates of publications.Continue reading “Sinister Reads – October 2014”

Sinister Reads – September 2014

Ready for another month of night terrors? Check out Greg Chapman’s short story collection in “Vaudeville and Other Nightmares”. Get your blood pumping with Alan Baxter’s trilogy: “Alex Caine” is a martial artist fighting in illegal cage matches with an unnatural secret weapon… Before you go, why not nominate for FFANZ (more inside). Enjoy and share SinisterContinue reading “Sinister Reads – September 2014”

Conflux Announcement

Special announcement!! CONFLUX SCARY STORY COMP AND BOOK AUCTION The Australian Horror Writers Association is hosting an open mic short story competition at Conflux 2014. The comp will be held at 7pm on Friday 3 October following the opening ceremony. We’re looking for horror stories up to 500 words or a maximum of two minutes in length. Entry is by goldContinue reading “Conflux Announcement”