Sinister Reads – June 2013

Sinister Reads What a month!  A smorgasbord of new releases for you to sink your teeth into (and your knife if you prefer the non-vampiry ways… although I wouldn’t recommend stabbing a novel – particularly if you are one whom prefers to read online). Follow this and start receiving monthly updates of publications. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SinisterContinue reading “Sinister Reads – June 2013”

Sinister Reads – May 2013

Sinister Reads Don’t forget to book your place for the AHWA Creative Retreat at the Mayday Hills Asylum.  All the details are in this month’s Sinister Happenings and make sure you check out the AHWA website and Facebook page.  It promises to be enlightening and TERRORific! Follow this and start receiving monthly updates of publications. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sinister HappeningsContinue reading “Sinister Reads – May 2013”

Sinister Reads – April 2013

Sinister Reads We have a great update for you this month with a plethora of publications plus a Sinister load of Sinister Happenings.  Enjoy!  On a side note… the chill of death has descended on Melbourne.  It could be winter on its way but that’s just a boring explanation! Follow this and start receiving monthlyContinue reading “Sinister Reads – April 2013”

Sinister Reads ~ It’s a Stoker Kind of thing.

The lights are out and the zombies are fed, which means it’s time to introduce you to the next group of nefarious authors hell bent on unhinging your mind and stealing your soul. When they aren’t lurking  under your house or tampering with your brakes, this pair of writers can been see slaving over theirContinue reading “Sinister Reads ~ It’s a Stoker Kind of thing.”

Sinister Reads ~ It’s a Stoker kind of thing.

Hello and welcome to a special edition of Sinister Reads. We’ve put down the chainsaw, left the devil on hold, and postponed the clown massacre to bring you a special series of posts in support of our members currently being recommended for the annual Bram Stoker Awards – presented by Horror Writer’s Association (HWA). TheContinue reading “Sinister Reads ~ It’s a Stoker kind of thing.”