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Sinister Reads ~ It’s a Stoker Kind of thing.

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The lights are out and the zombies are fed, which means it’s time to introduce you to the next group of nefarious authors hell bent on unhinging your mind and stealing your soul. When they aren’t lurking  under your house or tampering with your brakes, this pair of writers can been see slaving over their keyboards in service to the muse. To all creatures human and otherwise, we bring you fresh blood – errr ink.


Recommended for First Novel

A first novel – that first literary exorcism of body and soul captured in ink long cherished by writers. For two Australian authors, the ritual of creation has manifested several recommendations a piece. We persuaded them (and by persuaded we mean we jabbed them with hot pokers behind their knees) to tell us a little bit about themselves and what they are up to.

Karron Warren ~ Slights


Kaaron’s first novel Slights was launched by Angry Robot this year to critical acclaim. After her short story collection The Grinding House won a number of awards, Karron’s work continues to draw attention. We hope that Slights is the first of many novels.

Karron stopped screaming long enough to tell us that she’s working on two new novels at the same time because they are both filling her with inspiration. Her short fiction will appear in Datlow and Mamatas’ Haunted Legends and Gilgamesh Press’ Ishtar. And be sure to keep an eye out for A Positive, the short film based on the award-winning story of the same name, to be released next year.

Karron also hit one of those ‘Don’t you hate it when that happens’ moments recently when a title she had given a short story was used for an upcoming film. We feel your pain Karron. You want to borrow the poker?

Be sure to pick up a copy of Slights from Amazon before they sell out.

Stephen M Irwin ~ The Dead Path

Stephen-M_Irwin_BWStephen has lived in and around Brisbane, Queensland all his life. At an early age, he was discovered to be a lousy swimmer and an poor cricketer. Fortunately he found and fostered a love of reading and writing.

His short stories, films, and poems have won numerous national and international competitions and awards. His first novel, The Dead Path, was released by Hachette Australia in mid-2009 to excellent reviews and was the August 2009 selection for The Big Book Club – as a result, Stephen toured the country astounding innocent folk with his bizarre Brisbane accent and terrifying them with tales about stonewash denim and finger cramps. The Dead Path will be available in the UK in late 2009 as The Darkening (by Sphere), and in 2010 in the US (by Doubleday) and Germany (by Blanvalet). You can hunt down your copy at either Folio Books or Infinitas.

Stephen is currently working on his second novel… and working as a series writer for a new Australian TV drama series… and working with other producers on a different series… and is engaged as an educational consultant… and writing a feature film script… and trying to do research for his third book… Don’t worry if you see sparking arcs of electricity blooming from Stephen’s rooftop late at night – he is simply trying to clone himself.

Stephen still haunts Brisbane with his wife and son. He reports that his swimming has improved, but the cricket remains a lost cause.


We wish you both the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing some of your new work.

Update: Sinister Reads team 3, Smurfs 1. Turns out Handy Smurf lived up to his name – but not for long.

Sinister Reads ~ It’s a Stoker kind of thing.

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Hello and welcome to a special edition of Sinister Reads. We’ve put down the chainsaw, left the devil on hold, and postponed the clown massacre to bring you a special series of posts in support of our members currently being recommended for the annual Bram Stoker Awards – presented by Horror Writer’s Association (HWA).

The authors you will meet over the coming weeks have had their work recommended towards the Long Ballot, and are vying for a top ten spot to go on to the next round. On behalf of The Australian Horror Writer’s Association and the team here at Sinister Reads, we wish to congratulate all of our authors that have been recommended, and we wish you the very best in the lead up to the Stoker’s. We are proud to support you and the macabre you create, and we look forward to your fresh ink.

If you loved their work and would like to show your support, please leave a comment!


Recommended for Non-Fiction

Rocky Wood  ~  Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished

In the ficticious worlds we weave, where our creatures roam the corridors of our imagination, we surrender to the lies and mystery held within, not thinking about the people who may come along to dissect the fruit of our minds. One such man is Rocky Wood.

Rocky Head ShotBased in Melbourne, Rocky is one of the world’s leading experts on the works of Stephen King.  His Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished received a Stoker nomination in 2007. (We’d love to be able to tell you where you can buy this gem, but alas, both US and Australian editions have sold out!)  Rocky has been dedicated to documenting the facts about fiction through a variety of non-fiction sub-genres since 1978.

When asked what mischief project he was working on at the moment, Rocky was happy to tell us that he’s currently completing a graphic novel, The Great Storytellers of Horror, in conjunction with famed horror illustrator Glenn Chadbourne.

Best of luck Rocky!


P.S. We regret to announce that no Smurfs were harmed during the making of this post. We will try harder next time.