Sinister Reads – January/February 2017

Happy New Fear and welcome horror fiends to the first edition of Sinister Reads, the newsletter that celebrates the achievements of our hard-writing Australasian Horror Writers Association members. Check out the latest publication milestones below for the January/February period, or even better pick up a copy of their work, remembering to leave a review afterContinue reading “Sinister Reads – January/February 2017”

Sinister Reads – November 2016

The Gremlins attacked and we pew pew’d them back into squishy piles of goo! How was YOUR Halloween? Some of our AHWA writers have been busy so check our this month’s Sinister Reads and Sinister Slices. Also, the AHWA Shadow Awards are open so get cracking!  Information below… right down there>>>  No, down!  Scroll! 😛Continue reading “Sinister Reads – November 2016”

Sinister Reads – September 2016

Hey there creepers, creepies, and creepsters! Welcome to another edition of Sinister Reads. Another short one with a powerful punch! Check out the two awesome releases this month. There is no rest for the wicked, and Cameron Trost is soooo wicked… wickedly amazing! The Tunnel Runner will get you thinking and freaking – we love that!Continue reading “Sinister Reads – September 2016”

Sinister Reads – August 2016

So, it’s August 2016. That snuck up like Pennywise!  Enjoy this short but powerful edition of Sinister Reads. How could you possible go past The Refuge Collection, Heaven to Some (Volumes 1-3)? With contributions from some of AHWA best, you will be fascinated and horrified by the town of Refuge. But wait, there’s more! Check out Murder on theContinue reading “Sinister Reads – August 2016”

Sinister Reads – July 2016

Welcome all, to the July 2016 edition of Sinister Reads. Holy crap balls, Batman! You are in for such a treat this week. The most amazing Greg Chapman has been busy with the release of his debut novel, Hollow House (check out the super creepy trailer) AND… drum roll please, Mr Chapman has also given usContinue reading “Sinister Reads – July 2016”